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Tamilnet banned? – How to continue to access the site from Sri Lanka


Reports received by Groundviews indicate that Tamilnet is inaccessible from many major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Sri Lanka. At the time of writing, the site is confirmed to be inaccessible from:

SLT (ADSL and dial-up)
Lankacom (leased line)
Lankabell (dial-up)
Suntel (dial-up)

Only Tamilnet seems to be affected.

There is a workaround. Click here to access all the content on the site through Google. It’s not pretty, but all the content is there.

We will be keeping tabs on this issue and post information and updates as we receive them.

  • Gangrene

    I dunno it maybe possible to access it using the IP of the server. That is assuming that it has been blocked off on the DNS lookup.
    Anyone knows the Tanilnet IP?

  • Prefernot2exist

    Guys – there is a much cleaner way to do it – use an anonymous proxy server. Google ‘free proxy list’, go to a site, read the FAQ and choose a server….it might take a few tries.

    You enter the IP and the port number in your ‘connection’ or ‘LAN’ tab in your web browser. Works like a charm for me.

    Happy reading. Information is free.

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  • Dear Srilankan Team,

    My heartiest congratulation to all the srilankan army and the people whol supported to finish the long waited war. Ultimately prabhakaran has got his result and even all the team also got the same result. I personally feel very happy to hear/see that the LTTE rats have been finished only due to brave of srilankan army. Once again, please accept my congratulation for this great kind of act.
    Parmod Kumar

  • phkapil

    Dear Tamil and all the northern friends in Sri lanka.
    All the things now added to the history. Sri Lanka is one of the best islands in the world. I vicited it so many times. but the LTTE done very bad job by make the innocent in to trap and make thir graves. Badly treated their own people. But it is obseved that all the LTTE MEMBERS lived very well not innocent tamils.
    Please let the people do their own not from guns. Please stop killing people.
    By doing big propaganda You all distroy the feature of the tamil youth.
    please dont do these bad things.

  • lincoln

    all sri lankan people now keeping well.peacefuly all of us give hand to tamil people to rebuild their families agin ,piriba devil never come agin.

  • lincoln

    Sri Lankan ARMY is first class army in the world ,they dont want to block websites or journalism,sri lankan proud army has lot of work to do for civilians security.

  • Yes we don’t want to ban journlists, etc.
    It’s the damn govt.
    They pretend to help us but never cared.
    Do you know how many poor people from the South joined because they had no choice than SLA?
    This whole country needs more jobs.
    We need something else than killing.
    I’m tired of this pointless killing.
    Former Spec Ops
    Liger Tion

  • justitia

    Tamilnet provides photos to back up most of its stories.
    It is a mystery how its agents take such photos and transmit them with stories, but somehow survive the armed lackeys of the regime. They must be among the most bold news gatherers in this internet age.
    There is another tamil website which tries to discredit Tamilnet with the excuse that it is a “mouthpiece” of someone – a tamil – abroad.
    But those who read Tamilnet can judge for themselves.

    • Thambi

      Many of there pictures have been shown to be fake or taken when the LTTE was around. It’s all part of the LTTE game.