Partners and initial donors

Centre for Policy Alternatives
The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) was formed in 1996 in the firm belief that the vital contribution of civil society to the public policy debate is in need of strengthening. Focusing primarily on issues of governance and conflict resolution, CPA is committed to programmes of research and advocacy through which public policy is critiqued, alternatives identified and disseminated. CPA is an independent, non-partisan organization which receives funds from international and bilateral funding agencies and foundations.

Groundviews was set up under the Voices of Reconciliation Project, conducted in Sri Lanka through the leadership of the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) from 2005 – 2006 and funded by CIDA and AusAID. The VOR Project was also instrumental in setting up VOR Radio – which complements the content on this site through podcasts on peace, democracy and reconciliation. Groundviews complements content primarily in Sinhala and Tamil on Vikalpa and also the videos on Vikalpa Video.Â

IMPACS – Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society
IMPACS, the Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society, is a Canadian charitable organization committed to the protection and expansion of democracy and to strengthening civil society. IMPACS believes that a strong democracy requires three key elements, and our work supports our efforts to create an environment in which democratic values can thrive. IMPACS’ was CPA’s primary partner in the VOR project.

The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) is the federal agency charged with planning and implementing most of Canada’s development cooperation program in order to reduce poverty and to contribute to a more secure, equitable and prosperous world.

AusAID is the Australian Government agency responsible for managing the Australian Government’s official overseas aid program. The objective of the aid program is to advance Australia’s national interest by helping developing countries reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development.

Since February 2007, Groundviews has not received any funding from local or international sources.

Neither the organisations mentioned here nor any of its staff can be held responsible, in any capacity, for the thoughts and opinions expressed on this website. Groundviews is merely a platform that features voices and opinions of citizens from civil society in support of a just and lasting peace in Sri Lanka.