Frequently Asked Questions

The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) or any of its members of staff, InfoShare or any of its members of staff, CIDA and AusAID do not take responsibility for the content herein.

In providing a space for concerned citizens to air their aspirations for conflict transformation, democracy, good governance and peace in Sri Lanka, the idea of this website is to promote and strengthen voices that are not featured in mainstream media.

Groundviews accepts articles in Sinhala, Tamil and English. Content here complements the articles on Vikalpa in Sinhala and Tamil. Attachments to individual posts to the websites can contain multimedia – such as short videos, sound-bites and photos.

We feature submissions that are pithy, provocative and bear witness to life in violent conflict. We especially like stories that humanizes and critiques conflict & peace through alternative cultural, social, economic and political perspectives. We do not feature blind regurgitations of content published elsewhere and NGO press releases. We rarely republished articles first published elsewhere in print or on the web.

Guidelines for submission of content
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Vikalpa will display content on any operating system, on any PC and is UNICODE standards complaint for Sinhala and Tamil. For best results, use Firefox 3.0 or above to view this site. We know that this site does not render correctly on Internet Explorer 7 on XP and Vista.

The videos in particular require that you have a decent broadband (wired or wireless) connection.

Target audience
Content here is primarily geared for policy makers in Colombo, including political parties, donors, large NGOs and CSOs based in Colombo with an operations footprint across Sri Lanka, influential academics, media persons, researchers and peace activists. Groundviews has evolved to feature content mainly in English and as such, is aimed at an audience conversant with the language starved for critical commentary in the mainstream English media. For equally compelling Sinhala and Tamil content, please visit Vikalpa.

Importantly, content here is also geared towards the diaspora, who can use the website to get a better idea of actual conditions on the ground in Sri Lanka. With many families in Canada, the US, Europe and Australia who still have relations and members of family living in the North-East of Sri Lanka and elsewhere, the website provides a unique vantage point for critical perspectives.

All content here is archived and indexed making this website, over time, a valuable repository of alternative / citizens perspectives on conflict and peace in Sri Lanka.

It’s your content that will make this site a success – please contribute responsibly and generously!