Batticaloa and Kattankudy are 318 and 317 kilometers away from Colombo, respectively. They are, however, just under 10 kilometers away from each other. The relationships and experience, that have been shaped by the devastation of both the war and the tsunami, now deeply influence the impact of and response to the bomb blast at Zion Church, which was one of the targets of the Easter Sunday terror attacks on April 21st, 2019.

The authors are thankful to individuals in Batticaloa and Kattankudy  – involved in the immediate and long-term response to the attack – who shared their insights on the needs for survivors, for the wider community, and society going forward. They include social workers, pastors, activists from the Tamil and Muslim communities, doctors, mental health workers, and staff at the Zion Church. Names and affiliations have been withheld for privacy and security reasons.

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Looking East