The tertiary education system in Sri Lanka is once again the subject of public scrutiny following a series of high-profile protests by university students.

Many on social media dismissed the student protests. “People should learn to protest without blocking roads and inconveniencing others,” one commenter wrote on Groundviews’ Facebook page, while another on Twitter called the IUSF protest against private universities ‘sour grapes.’ And what of the violence by the Police? Some said that the protesters provoked the Police, while many said the action was shameful.

As the images from and news of the protests fades from the headlines, perhaps now is the time to critically discuss the reasons behind and meaningful responses to what gives rise to them. Is this truly simply creating a public nuisance – or is it a legitimate call to address the grievances inherent in Sri Lanka’s education system? Do you think the actions of the Police were justified or an abuse of power?

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