I believe in human equality more than national security
I believe in an unstable democracy more than a stable dictatorship
I believe in social justice more than the creation of wealth
I believe in investing in human capital more than in physical capital
I believe in solidarity with the weak more than alignment with the strong
I believe in accepting the outsider more than consolidating the insiders
I believe in fostering diversity more than seeking uniformity
I believe in personal freedom more than cultural conformity
I believe in exercising curiosity more than relying on authority
I believe in questioning technology more than welcoming it wholeheartedly
I believe in preserving the environment more than exploiting it for human benefit
I believe in acts of mercy more than personal piety
I believe in the idealism of the young more than the conservatism of the old
I believe in dreaming of the future more than dwelling in the past


Photograph courtesy Inspire Others