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Updates capturing aftermath of presidential elections

From the first update after the close of polls at around 10pm on the 25th and then from around 3am on the morning of the 26th, Groundviews gave regular updates on the high drama in Colombo just after the presidential elections via its Twitter account. Because it is very difficult to locate these updates on Twitter over time, we’ve collated key tweets issued during the course of the 26th and 27th related to the elections.

In the course of publishing these updates, we mirrored key news items from the Daily Mirror website whenever we got access to it, because an unsurprisingly high volume of traffic rendered this well read traditional media website inaccessible for most of the 26th. Along with other information, we provided one of the first eye witness accounts of the tense situation around the hotel Sarath Fonseka was in at around 3am on the 26th, retweeted key udpates from other bloggers and journalists with access to new information throughout the day, dispelled rumours such as the arrest of the Elections Commissioner, pointed to one of the first video interviews with Sarath Fonseka on the web and gave links to streaming web broadcasts of state television with live coverage of election results. Frustrated with the archaic website of the Department of Elections, we also asked our followers for better visualisations of election results as they were coming in, and within minutes, got a link to this website, done by the Upali Newspapers.

27th January 2010

26th January 2010

25th January 2010