I believe in human equality more than national security
I believe in an unstable democracy more than a stable dictatorship
I believe in social justice more than the creation of wealth
I believe in investing in human capital more than in physical capital
I believe in solidarity with the weak more than alignment with the strong
I believe in accepting the outsider more than consolidating the insiders
I believe in fostering diversity more than seeking uniformity
I believe in personal freedom more than cultural conformity
I believe in exercising curiosity more than relying on authority
I believe in questioning technology more than welcoming it wholeheartedly
I believe in preserving the environment more than exploiting it for human benefit
I believe in acts of mercy more than personal piety
I believe in the idealism of the young more than the conservatism of the old
I believe in dreaming of the future more than dwelling in the past


Photograph courtesy Inspire Others

  • Ingirunthu Sumathy

    Nice, Priyan

  • Chaminda Rajapakse

    Without national security how can there be equality?
    Why believe in a unstable democracy when you can have a stable democracy?
    Can you have social justice without the creation of wealth? is poverty just?
    What are you going to do with the human capital without the physical capital?
    Why believe in the weak? Why not strive to make the weak strong?
    Why would you ignore the insider at the expense of the outsider?
    Foster diversity as long as they agree with you?
    Remember your freedom ends where my nose begins
    Question everything not just technology
    Why not conserve the environment FOR human benefit?
    Why not the the idealism of the young and the wisdom of the old?
    Why not enjoy the present?

    • puniselva

      I believe in …..1…… MORE than …….2…….
      It means the author prefers 1 to 2.

      1.I think the author meant to say human security in place of human equality. Human security for all citizens results in national security. But then what does national security mean in this globalised world?

      2.The author PREFERS unstable democracy to stable dictatorship.
      (The author has given an explanation for this in his previous posting on 26 May) It is much easier to change unstable democracy to stable democracy than to change dictatorship to democracy.

      3.If wealth is created without social justice, the society will be unstable. Where wealth is created in an environment of social justice there will be peace and prosperity for all. Nowhere is implied that poverty is just. The author only PREFERS social justice to creation of wealth..

      4.If we invest in human capital it will most likely generate physical capital justly and peacefully.
      If we invest in physical capital it is much less likely to generate human capital justly and peacefully.

      5.Solidarity strengthens the weak. Then if they go for alignment nobody is left behind.


      • puniselva

        6.When a state structure divides its citizens into outsiders and insiders, conflict ensues and worsens exponentially. Hence accepting the outsiders is urgent to stop insiders consolidating to keep the division going. Once the outsiders are accepted fully consolidation of all is necessary for prosperity for all. The author does not mean ignoring the INSIDERS but the CONSOLIDATION of the insiders temporarily till that can be channelled in the right path.

        7.Diversity of many paths can lead, with acceptance, to one goal(=peace and prosperity for all) but uniformity of paths cannot, and needn’t, be achieved in this extremely complex world and inherently selfish nature of biology.

        ”as long as they agree with you” – NO.

        ”agreeing with each other” – messy, maybe, UNSTABLE

        8.Cultural conformity squashes the nose and restricts personal freedom and diversity.

        9.Technology is gradually encapsulating everything and the STRONG gets more benefits from it than the WEAK

        10.That’s iwhat it means.

        11.Why: what has been played out by the political leaders in Sri Lanka is that they don’t show any wisdom but politicise and plunder the country and have been poisoning, directly and indirectly through textbooks, the minds of the citizens. The latter have come to accept these politicians through conservatism.

        12.The present(brought about by the wrong past) is hell for many in Sri Lanka and thus many like this author are dreaming of a future in the ways narrated here.

        Personal piety doesn’t necessarily lead to acts of mercy stated by the author.

    • Independent

      1.Equality is simply the “justice”. Justice MUST come first. When justice is served to everyone, useless words “national security” become irrelevant.
      2. Yes. But Priyan is comparing democracy and dictatorship. Dictators call their way of governing ‘democracy” too. So, you need a brain to understand the real democracy.
      3. Yes. Go TO 1.
      4. Human Capital will be used to create “other forms ” of CAPITALS.
      5. Priyan is not saying what you are saying, he is in fact saying “solidarity with the weak” to make them strong.
      6. Outsider comes to you house for shelter. Insiders already have shelter.
      7. That is called “dictatorship”
      8. Smells bad.
      9. He is talking particularly about technology which has automatic acceptance of fools.
      10. He is simply against destroying environment for human benefit.
      11. Wisdom of the fool is called “conservatism”, which is not interesting but stupid. Wisdom of the old is good.
      12. Of course, but don’t dwell in the past.
      Priyan is my friend. Have not met for 35years, yet I understand him.

  • puniselva

    Human Equality + Social Justice + Diversity(weak/strong, insider/outsider) + Investing in Human Capital + Exercising Curiosity + Questioning Technology + Preserving Environment + Acts of Mercy + Personal Freedom +Idealism of Youth + Dreaming of Future = Increasing Democracy + Decreasing Dictatorship = Increasing Peace & Prosperity for ALL = Increasing Sustainability of System

  • Beautifully crafted Priyan…
    Comparable to John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’
    Equally applicable here in Australia as in Sri Lanka
    The Greek/ European debt crisis, the conflicts between the West and the Islamic world and the global refugee crisis would all be handled so differently in a world that holds your beliefs and preferences.
    The crisis of trust in governments the world over arises because they insist on the opposing preferences
    We too are dreaming of the future…