Lest we forget, the Police imposed a curfew in Beruwela and Aluthgama on 15th June in an effort to stop the violence against Muslims in the area. The curfew in Aluthgama was imposed at 6.45pm according to the Government’s official news portal. A news bulletin broadcast at 9pm on TV featured Police Media Spokesperson SSP Ajith Rohana noting that a curfew had been declared in Beruwela as well.

SSP Ajith Rohana clearly notes,

The curfew will remain until further notice. So therefore the general public are kindly requested not to move on the road and apart from that illegal processions and violent activities are prohibited. If they violate the laws and regulations of the Police curfew they will be dealt with the law.

Emphasis ours. Other media reports indicate the curfew was imposed around two hours before this broadcast (i.e. around 7pm).

In light of the above, Groundviews was sent CCTV footage from the Ambepitiya Gem Lapidary in Beruwala. Watching them begs the question – how was it possible for violent mobs to roam freely in the area destroying property, with scant regard for Police presence, if any, during what was officially a curfew imposed by the State? Perhaps an intrepid journalist can ask SSP Ajith Rohana for the current working definition of curfew in the Sri Lankan government, which clearly allows for racist, violent mobs to attack and harm with impunity?

Watch above at around 6 minutes and 26 seconds.

  • Jack Point

    Notice that they all seem to be dressed in white – came straight after the BBS rally?

  • Aia

    Either enforcing curfew or declaring no fire zone all seems to have the same purpose, that is to keep the vulnerable ones in control and make them even more weak, akin sitting duck, not the perpetrators. It is to make perpetrators’ task much easier, and much safer, we heard it before and see it now. Only difference is earlier was in North this is in south. However these photos also look doctored as before need a biometric verification. Do not the minorities enjoy the equal right, among them though.