• Dev

    Check out the 2nd pic, nice phone (iPhone??) , wonder who gave that to him !!

  • Dev

    @ sanjana hattotuwa-could you do an interview with the monk? It would be interesting to see him answer some REAL questions !

  • Orion

    It is good that there are regulations to prevent adults – politicians – using children to demonstrate in political rallies. But how come Buddhist Priest use them in political demonstrations. The Social Services, child protection agencies, both local and International, and the GoSL does not object? Sad also that no news media comment on such brain washing and abuse of children. I wonder what will happen if the Christian priests use those children in their Seminaries on human rights marches!

  • Burning_Issue

    We see the people of Egypt are rising against the tide of insidious agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood and their governing alliance. Women in complete hijab are among the ones who took to the streets; they clearly distinguish between religious freedom and democracy!

    Would the same ever happen in Sri Lanka? Are Sri Lankans democrats or merely subservient people who suffer from various forms chronic insecurity?