Kannan - Kerosene

Groundviews is extremely pleased to recognise that Kannan Arunasalam has won the 2013 South Asian International Documentary Festival’s Prism Short Award for ‘Kerosene’. This short film was one of three produced by Kannan with utilising a small grant by Groundviews in 2011. First screened in Colombo and subsequently featured on the critically acclaimed Moving Images website, ‘Kerosene’ and his two other short films generated the most feedback and engagement given their unique, deeply sensitive and compelling interrogation of life in the North of Sri Lanka, post-war.

You can view the full film below.

Kerosene from Kannan Arunasalam on Vimeo.

Go to Moving Images to see his two other films, as well as other productions on Sri Lanka. A trailer for all three productions can be viewed below.

Trailer: Koothu, kerosene and paper from Kannan Arunasalam on Vimeo.

  • Kumarathasan Rasingam

    Congratulation: We need more films to expose the truth to the world.

  • Congratulations to Kannan for this award. His work is unique, genuinely moving and sympathetic towards all of his subjects.

  • truth

    Thank you Groundviews for supporting for supporting this productions. Hope more of this will come out to show what happened and what is happening now in Jaffna and other Tamil areas. Truth must be told.
    The hardships and the tragedy of the Tamils should reach every corner of the island in order for “real reconciliation” to happen!!

    Unless the “so call leaders” since independence accept responsibility for the oppression of the minorities, since independence and treat every citizen as equal, no one can prevent Sri Lanka from doom!!

    We have to congratulate and commend the Jaffna mans ingenuity and Talent. How much talent is wasted by the racist, discriminatory policies, and jealousy and petty mindedness of the “so called leaders”

  • Sie.Kathieravealu

    One way, and might be the best way to show the world as to how the ordinary people – civilians – were made to suffer. Efforts to screen this film in as many places as possible would focus the attention of the IC on the direct sufferings the – civilians and not the LTTE – underwent