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The Island Abstains

The decision by the Democratic Socialist Republic
of Sri Lanka to abstain from the General Assembly vote
calling for an end to violence in Syria, and stepping down
of its president, cannot be accused of inconsistency,
given the island republic’s wish to continue importing
Iranian oil, serve tea at official Syrian garden parties,
and its pummel- the- minority most successful
bombing strategy, that just three years ago seemed
to be the talk of Colombo town. Unfortunately,
the government faces a resolution of its own,
upcoming in Geneva, and perhaps the abstaining route
indicates a not unsubtle wish that it may go
unperceived in the noise of those who said yes
or no. Some of us noticed, however, the way Lankan
diplomats exercised the popular will and we present
evidence here in the court of poetry.

  • Dilkusha Joseph

    So well expressed ! Made me curious to examine what other countries abstained from voting against such horrific violence. Here goes
    Quote :
    Here are the 17 countries who abstained from voting on the resolution today: Lebanon, Algeria, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Suriname, St Vincent, Tuvalu, Uganda, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Tanzania, Angola, Armenia, Fiji, Comores and Cameroon.

    Three countries were unable to vote due to technical difficulties.

    • Thanks. Worth noting also the 12 countries who rejected the resolution, which included China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and Venezuela. Don’t have the complete list at hand. Best Indran

    • eureka

      South-South cooperation ?

  • eureka


    Please consider writing poems on:

    Books by Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen:
    ‘The Argumentative Indian: Writings on Indian Culture, History and Identity’(2005) and ‘Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny’(2006).

    • I will look for those books, thanks. As for Wael Ghonim we should send him a link to Groundviews. Best Indran

  • eureka

    Groundviews and Indran
    Please bring Wael Ghonim into this space.

  • sabbe laban


    Your ‘unbiased’ mind doesn’t see that China & Russia have the same right in preserving their interests as the US has in vetoing every resolution against Israel!

    Others who commented too suffer from the same colour-blindness!