• So this is the official eyewash! Perhaps Karuna will now take over the mercenary activities of the GoSL!

  • Looks like the fellows were reluctant (understandably) in handing over the arms. They did not 'handover'. Both parties are seen touching it. I am sure the fellows had some discomfort in reconciling with the idea that this symbolises the end of the 'armed struggle'. I can understand that it was not easy. Lets see whether the non cabinet minister for national integration hands over his part of the arms.

  • Puni Selva

    What Pillaiyan said must be known by the Sinhalese: '' this should be the beginning of democratising politics and giving over the democracy to the people!!''

    Long order for the Rajapakse government. Lot of (not difficult)work for Rajiva and Dayan.

    By spending 200 billion dollars on militaryware and such impunity for the armed forces to enforce the PTA and the Executive and the Judiciary holding all the power by Sinhalese and the vast propoganda machinery abroad and the platform at all the international arena and above all 'war-on-terror' bandwagon, thanks to Bush, forcing the TMVP to hand over the guns shouldn't have been difficult.

    But let's wait and see if Pillaiyan's faith is honoured by the government and thus the Sinhalese.