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Hearts and Minds: the forced exit of humanitarian agencies from the Vanni in Sri Lanka

The day before yesterday, the government of Sri Lanka ordered all humanitarian organisations to cease all operations and remove all personnel (except Vanni residents) and assets from the LTTE controlled part of the Vanni. The question this observer wishes to explore is why the Government of Sri Lanka after ensuring the welfare of its citizens in the LTTE controlled Vanni for the last 18 years, is now is renegading on its responsibilities, even on the verge of an apparent victory.

The Government of Sri Lanka, to its credit, has treated its people, many who are forcibly kept in LTTE controlled areas, as citizens; therefore, it provided them with normal government services (education, healthcare) and also emergency aid (rations, non-food relief items). Furthermore, the government, realising that it could not ensure all services were adequately provided, requested humanitarian organizations to fill necessary gaps. These gaps were often created in emergency situations where the government did not have the immediate resources or capacity to ensure the continual well-being of its citizens. It is at these crises points that the neutrality, mobility and emergency response capabilities that humanitarian agencies possessed were most required and welcomed.

The current situation, even in the calamity familiarized eyes of the 200,000 trapped in the Vanni, can definitely be called a crisis. Many of these are IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) who fled their homes and are currently without livelihood trapped within a small strip of land, well within shelling range of the often inaccurate artillery of the Sri Lankan Army. For many, the food aid and shelter provided by humanitarian agencies is the sole means of survival.  Leaving aside the question why, often foreign, humanitarian agencies need to fulfill the government’s responsibilities, one can consider the reasons for the government  preventing humanitarian agencies from doing their good work.

As David Patreus, Commanding General, Multi-National Force – Iraq and the 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan have realised conflicts of this nature cannot be solved by brute force alone. Government and humanitarian aid is now an integral component of the United States holistic anti-terrorist campaign. President George Bush, who once noted that the 82nd Airborne should “not be wasted on guarding school-children” now overseas an 82nd Airborne that builds wells, homes and roads. Why when the rest of the world is realising the value of “hearts and minds” in combating terrorism does Sri Lanka have to regress?

The government’s reluctance to cite reasons for this dramatic change in policy, especially at this point in time, leaves one to speculate whether the government is making a short-term tactical trade-off between brutal force and hearts and minds. Generally neutral humanitarian agencies have often been successful in highlighting the plight of the suffering, often due to LTTE human rights abuses. However, in turn, they often publicize the government’s human rights violations. One opinion has it; the LTTE is contained in a small, dense thorn jungle, with 200,000 people. The final solution would be to launch massive artillery  attacks against the LTTE. However, the shelling is often inaccurate and the LTTE is not below using human shields (actually the entrapment of the 200,000 can be considered a human shield) hence a large number of civilian casualties, Sri Lankan citizens, can be expected. Currently, the sole neutral observers in the LTTE controlled areas are international humanitarian agencies. They are the only credible reporters of events. LTTE propaganda is not taken is discredited. Hence, for LTTE human rights abuses to be highlighted humanitarian agencies need to be on the ground in LTTE controlled areas. Furthermore, in order to back up its military successes the government must ensure the hearts and minds of the people in LTTE controlled areas do not turn against the government who they often prefer to the LTTE regime. The LTTE will also use the removal of humanitarian agencies as a propaganda tool to convince the people of the Vanni and the Tamil Diaspora that the Government of Sri Lanka does not consider Tamils as equal citizens and is preventing them from surviving. As the experience in Iraq and Afghanistan has proven it is much easier to capture than to hold territory when facing unconventional forces.

Finally, the government has promised to continue providing its own aid to the Vanni. Yet, the irony is that this aid will in the future be delivered right into the hands of the LTTE as the government apparatus is totally controlled by the LTTE, in the areas under their control. As it is given under the supervision of the LTTE authorities the LTTE will gain credit from the average Vanni citizen and member of the Diaspora as the sole provider of relief in the Vanni. For example the World Food Programme aid will be donated to the government, who will transport it to the Vanni and there the distribution process will be controlled by the LTTE. Hence, the government will hasten its rout in the battle for the hearts and minds of the people of the Vanni. It will also allow the LTTE to massively increase the funding of itself and its proxies like the TRO. Hence, in this observer’s opinion, the Government of Sri Lanka is providing the Tiger’s with the psychological and propaganda edge while not strengthening its tactical or strategic military position.

  • nandasena

    “The Government of Sri Lanka, to its credit, has treated its people, many who are forcibly kept in LTTE controlled areas, as citizens”

    When I read the above statement, I did not know whether to laugh or cry!! What a joke!! If the government has treated the Vanni people as its citizens, they would not have bombed them, shelled them, used multi barrel rocket launchers on them. Any vanni citizen living anywhere in the island is a suspect!! Is this the way to treat its own citizen? They can be killed on the spot, no questions asked, no inquiry. Even animals are treated better than this!!

    Remember there was no carpet bombing, no shelling, no multi barrel rocket launchers in the south when they had the sinhalese insurgency!! The government has proved again and again that they do not consider Tamils as Sri Lankan citizens!! No body can deny this.

  • “Remember there was no carpet bombing, no shelling, no multi barrel rocket launchers in the south when they had the sinhalese insurgency!!”

    Your ignorance of the north as well as the south is astounding, Nandasena. There has been no carpet bombing in the north. Do you even know what carpet bombing is? It’s not the bombing of carpets. Perhaps you’ve seen the old newsreels of the RAF and USAAF bombings of the German and Japanese cities. Do you think the SLAF has either the type or quantity of bombers needed for such a strategy?

    And the JVP insurgency was totally different in character to the war against the LTTE. The JVP/DJV did not have battalions and other semi-conventional units; they didn’t hold territory or man frontlines. You can’t use artillery or aircraft against 4- and 5-man cells operating within the community. The JVP insurgency is comparable to the Malayan Emergency in the ’50s, while the LTTE is comparable to the Viet Cong. Completely different situations. So instead of using arty and aircraft, the SL military used special operations, and slaughtered the JVP and its support base with a ferocity never seen in the North. There’s been about 70,000 deaths in the NE in about 25 years, which is under 3,000 a year. It’s estimated that around 30,000 Sinhalese were killed between ’87 and ’89, or over 10,000 a year.

    Try and educate yourself a bit on the current situation as well as the recent history of this country before spouting such nonsense.

    Banana Tree, it’s possible that the GoSL wants the INGOs out before they get caught in the crossfire. I’m sure they don’t want a repeat of the Action Against Hunger incident in Muttur.

  • Ajith

    Have to say nandasena did pwn himself. Comparing the LTTE to JVP. He does not know what happened to JVP suspects. I think they got a harsher treatment than any other insurgency – burning rubber smell anyone?? Unfortunately one of my relatives are still missing to this date.
    These LTTE folks again again just drive their agenda without any reason nor factual knowledge. It’s an insult to educated intelligent tamils such display of idiocy.

  • d1234dl

    Ohh My Nandadasa,
    Anyone who read your comment can understand that you are a LTTE tiger (definitly a Tamil) who use a sinhala name to mislead the readers. So I leave the readers the rest to think about.

  • d1234dl

    My earlier comment was for Nandasena.

    Nandasea does not know what happened 1989, because he was in Killinochchi and he is a tamil. Tamil people did not have any of the problems which sinhala people had. We had to wake up in the morning almost every day to see sevaral dead youths burning in front of the house on tyres. We had to see the burning raiway stations when we go to school everyday. The next day when I passed the same railway station there were 10-15 copses burning on the platform of the same railway station and dogs and iguanas sharing their meal. Mr LTTE Nandasena, you and your Vanni people are very lucky in that sense. [Edited out]

  • gerard

    LTTE goons take advantage of these agencies and the forces don’t have enough time to protect these goons either. The forces are trying their best reduce casualities!.

  • weerasooriya

    It is very unfair to criticise without being aware of the situation in the Northern and Eastern provinces. Mr Nandasena, surely, is not well informed or may be misinformed. Although he accuses the govt of Sri Lanka, it is very clear to anybody who follows the events in Sri Lanka, that the govt is doing whatever possible to protect poeple in the Wanni. For the last two decades, the govt has been supplying food, medical supplies to wanni areas not under its control, even being well aware that the LTTE is using them for their war efforts. It provides free education and health services to LTTE controlled areas. the govt servants in those areas are still paid their salaries although they do not realy doing anything. I have not heard of any such situation where a govt has been fighting a counter insurgency for such a long time while providing basic human needs to insurgent controlled areas. some might say that is a foolish strategy for a govt to adopt but the govt of Sri Lanka has never reneged in its responsibility in Wanni areas under LTTE control. So it is very unfair for Mr Nandasena to so accuse the govt of not treating Wanni civilians as citizens.

    Commenting on the example of US troops building up schools etc in Iraq, I have to say this. Yes, it is the right thing to do. However it should be kept in mind that in Iraq insurgents do no control territory. therefore the US troops or civilian contractors can undertake such missions. Sri Lankan govt has also been doing the same thing in the areas liberated from the LTTE. However such type of reconstruction missions are not possible when the insurgents control an area. Therefore the area should be brought under govt control by war or peace process to beging reconstruction programme.

  • The writer Mr. Banana Tree is barking up the wrong tree. Sri Lanka government is commited to safe gurading all of it’s citizens-Tamils, Muslims, Burghurs, Malays and sinhalese. Unless the writer is living on another planet he should be aware of this by now. May be this is the only way the writer can criticize the government. Instead of criticizing for being warned of potential dangers he should perhaps think of appreciate the responsible action taken by the authorities. Please psot any articles this manhas posted criticizing any atrocious action of the LTTE.

    May the all mighty have mercy on this poor soul.

  • Gerry

    This writer seems to be a victim of terrorist propaganda and does not have a clue what he is writing. He does not know that Government of Sri Lanka is doing its best to minimize the civilian casualties in its effort to destroy LTTE terrorism. This is the main reason that civilians were informed to move out from Killinochchi, the LTTE Main strong hold, and so is Humanitarian agencies. It is a known fact that LTTE using civilians for its propaganda. They want to risk civilians as they know they could take photos and published in their web sites for their propaganda. It is i any government’s responsibility to inform public and humanitarin agencies move out from the fighting zones to save the civilain casualties. This is nothing new and had happend in East. In East civilains were relocated with in months after the missions and started developments. Also Humanitarian agencies were resumed its tasks to fasilitate the process.
    Writer seems to be blind about the reality and try to do some white washing to LTTE terrorism even in its last phase.
    What I have to say to the writer is Mr Banana , its a good try but waste of time, this reveals you who you are.

  • Abdullah

    Sri Lankan government is not treating TAMILS as one of their citizens.
    I don’t think any one can dispute this statement. If they do, their thoughts are reflected from heart not from their brain. If the Government think about solving the problem they should try and solve the cause of the problem not the symptoms.
    In a way, the writer is correct: the current approach by the government is to remove NGO’s from the critical area is helping LTTE in every way. How can they distribute food to displaced people without the help of LTTE? Unless Government’s plan is not to send any food to Tamils and let them die… This is one way of solving the Cause.

  • venkai

    The Tamils will be happy to be LEFT ALONE to manage their affairs. Basically they have been telling this for the last 60 years. Their message is if you are not prepared to treat us as EQUAL, leave us alone. The govt can simply move our of the Tamil areas and the Tamils will look after themselves better. They do not want your pittance. The govt. grudgingly send some food and medicine, just to satisfy the international community. They bomb schools, hospitals and residential areas. Those of you write here don’t know the situation in the North and East. There also, people are killed daily by the SINHALESE FORCES, EPDP, TMVP, PLOTE etc. RAPE, ABDUCTIONS, KILLINGS, MASS GRAVES, ROBBERY, ARBITARY ARREST and DETENTION FOR AGES WITHOUT CHARGES has become the way of life. People cannot lead normal life. Their livelihood is lost. They cannot farm, do fishing. No building material. No compensation paid for the houses destroyed by aerial bombing, shelling etc.

    The govt is luring them to leave their areas so that they can empty the fertile lands of Vanni of TAMILS and colonise with sinhalese. Those who left their lands will not be allowed to settle back. Situation in the East is a good example. People who were displaced in the North are still languishing in refugee camps.

    The writers in this column simply does not want to admit the atrocities the Govt.. has done to the Tamil, is doing to the Tamils and will be doing to the Tamils. They like to bury their heads in the sand like the ostrich.

  • Naresh

    “Banana Tree, it’s possible that the GoSL wants the INGOs out before they get caught in the crossfire. I’m sure they don’t want a repeat of the Action Against Hunger incident in Muttur.”

    David, all the evidence indicates that the Mutur ACF workers weren’t “caught in the crossfire”, if that’s what you mean. The UTHR(J) special report no. 30 suggests it was a targeted killing carried out by police officers and subsequently covered up by the State…

  • wijayapala

    Dear “tiger,”

    The Tamils will be happy to be LEFT ALONE to manage their affairs.

    Then why are they blocking the foreign aid workers from leaving the Wanni?????

    IDPs urge foreign aid workers not to leave Vanni, block convoy

    People cannot lead normal life. Their livelihood is lost. They cannot farm, do fishing. No building material. No compensation paid for the houses destroyed by aerial bombing, shelling etc.

    So in other words, you place due responsibility on the LTTE for engineering the end of the CFA and restarting the war again.

  • Naresh, the UTHR(J) might suggest any number of things, but there’s no evidence. This has been discussed at length in the comments forum of two articles on this very site. Ballistic evidence did neither confirm nor deny either LTTE or GoSL involvement. The only thing clear from ballistics was that the killing was done by a special ops unit of either the LTTE or the SL military, and given the timelines, it seems more likely the killers were LTTE.

    My “crossfire” comment wasn’t literal, however. I meant that the GoSL will not want INGO casualties used as an LTTE propaganda opportunity as was done in Muttur.

  • The newly appointed UN Commissioner Of Human Rights, Navanethem Pillay, in her address to the UN Human Rights Council last week, expressed remarkable words of wisdom. She said that discrimination and inequality of citizens cause genocide. In July this year, a top prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said “the crime of genocide is an intention”.

    Genocide is a crime against humanity and collective punishment is a war crime. It is not the number of dead in any military action that determines as to whether a crime is genocide or not. It is the intention to recklessly harm and exterminate a people.

    The intention of genocide is often not expressed openly by any state for fear of consequences. The intent could only be inferred from “the trigger happiness” any state has against any ethnic group as it happened in Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. Mass exodus of civilians fearing death, fleeing from their homes, as seen in Kilinochchi now, is a sign of genocidal fear arising from past genocidal acts.

    The Sinhalese in the South of Sri Lanka(SL) were actively engaged in discrimination and unequal treatment of Tamil citizens, at least for the past 50 Years. Tamil genocide carried out on a minor scale in 1983, has now graduated to a major scale, with full participation by the state and the Sinhalese owned media.

    Richard Perle, a neo conservative, came up with the notion that “we must decontextualise terrorism”; that is we must stop trying to understand the reasons for terrorism, as it affects civilians and bring destruction.

    If “decontextualisation of terrorism” and “war on terrorism” are justified then decontextualisation of genocide or collective punishment of civilians of any ethnic group should be foremost in any decontextualisation exercise. Therefore, “Global war against collective punishment or genocide should take precedence over “Global war on terrorism”, as both are terrible crimes, affecting civilians more than terrorism.

    Whatever reason any government tries to give, either for collective punishment or genocide would therefore not be good enough to justify them.

    If we apply this argument to the recent events in Georgia, Russia had used the principle of “decontextualisation of genocide”, when it went into Georgia to stop the genocide in South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Admirably, Russia is the first country to have engaged in “Global war on genocide”, which is definitely more important to humanity than “war on terrorism”.

    Soldiers in SL were engaged in a fusion of collective punishment and military terror termed “Collective Punishment Using Military Terror”(CPUMT), against Tamil civilians in the North East(NE), long before anybody had heard of Osama bin Laden.

    In 1979, Sri Lankan soldiers pulled out more than 18 unarmed politically active Tamil youth from their peaceful homes at night, tortured them and killed before dawn. Their mutilated bodies were thrown on the streets of Jaffna.

    After this first violent act of collective punishment for political belief in Tamil Eelam, many such CPUMT acts were carried out by the state, under a culture of impunity, for the past 29 years. The savageness of attacks by the army, with almost 100 percent Sinhalese soldiers, increased as years passed by.

    After 9/11, the Government of Sri Lanka(GOSL), a wrong beneficiary, successfully distorted to the rest of the world that terrorism in SL had nothing to do with its CPUMT but had everything to do with LTTE. It rebranded the separatist struggle as terrorism to obtain political and military support from the USA, Britain, Israel, Pakistan, China and India. India is now accused of having more than 200 military personnel helping the Sri Lankan military in the war. Consequently, GOSL stepped up its crime of CPUMT on Tamils to reach a higher rung in its genocidal ladder. Those countries that supported have thus become “participants’ in this crime.

    Speaking in the Russian parliament, in support of recognising the two newly independent countries, a government speaker said that Russia “saved the region from genocide”. As a responsible member of the UN Security Council, Russia should not only save its region from genocide, it does have a global resposibilty to prevent any genocide anywhere, including genocide in the NE of SL.

  • nayad

    [Edited out] Blacker… only you, the govt, and the sinhala extremist think it was anyone other than the GoSL who did the ACF…

    and you’ll probably say that the Trinco 5, one of whose brother was one of the ACF 17, were killed by the LTTE on trinco beach to make the Govt look bad and be useful “propaganda”…

    [Edited out]

  • “only you, the govt, and the sinhala extremist think it was anyone other than the GoSL who did the ACF…”

    Well, apparently the ballistics examiners think so too. As I said before, there is no evidence, circumstantial or eyewitness, nor is there any motive, nor was there any attempt by the SL military to cover up their alleged crime. Bit strange, no? Do you even know what the ballistic findings were, Nayad?

    The Trinco students were obviously killed by the STF, and the latter have admitted to it. What is in doubt is whether the students were involved with the LTTE or not, and the circumstances that sparked the shooting.

  • amazing

    why are you harping on the ballistics… that means nothing in sri lanka… did they collect the arms of all of the SL forces and compare them to the bullets in the 17? without the comparisons the “ballistics” analysis can only identify what kind of bullets they were…

    please explain how the ballistics exonerate the govt?
    and whose timelines are you talking about? the ones published by the GOSL…?

    also if the Trinco 5 had any LTTE connections don’t you think they would have splashed the news all over the place…

    you’re on weak ground here… why not just admit that the gosl killed ’em all and that you don’t mind it because anything goes in the “war on terror”

    i’d have a lot more intellectual respect for you if you did… but when you make these weak excuses it just makes you look like an apologist for the gosl…

  • Inspite of repeated warnings by Tamils, mainly the Tamil diaspora, the International Community could not reason out wisely that they were dealing with a criminal government in Sri Lanka(SL). When countries supplied weapons to the criminal Sri Lankan state, they failed to realise that the same weapons would be used to create a humanitarian crisis. Maybe they knew that would happen but permitted so that we all may perish!

    The Secretary General of the UN, the EU and Australian aid agency have rightly recognised the unfolding of a “humanitarian crisis” and are seriously concerned about the lives of civilians. But the racist Sri Lankan state has not yet identified the humanitarian crisis.

    Tamils are treated as property less than human in SL. Therefore, GOSL can never see the humanitarian crisis prevailing at Kilinochchi.

    At a time when civilians would need help, the government of Sri Lanka(GOSL) has asked the UN aid workers to leave Kilinochchi.

    Mahinda Rajapakse knows how his soldiers are trained and what they are told to do. Rajapakse is well aware that his Sinhalese soldiers will not only kill Tamil civilians but also will murder those who help Tamils live. He knows too that it is what exactly happened to the 17 aid workers in Mutur about two years ago.

    Also, Rajapakse has asked the UN workers to go out to keep his intended barbarous genocide of Tamils to be silenced and remain unknown to the world. He is wrong.

    The UN could use satelite photography and other means available to it to gather more information about the humanitarian crisis at Kilinochchi.

    The GOSL is creating the “siege of Kilinochchi” exactly like the “siege of Sarajevo” to carry out the genocide of Tamils. The siege is a revengeful act on the Tamil civilians for demanding Tamil Eelam. The UN should view this matter seriously and remember that prevention is required now than analysis later.

    Any genocide anywhere could be prevented only by proper spiritual input. More than 90 percent of the soldiers in SL call themselves “Buddhists”. Real Buddhism believes in non violence, non killing and respect for all human beings. But the Buddhist monks in SL mostly desire and preach violence against Tamils and killing them, “Buddhism” in SL is thus a killer cult that cannot be expected to do spiritual input to stop any Tamil humanitarian crisis or genocide.

    It would be appropriate therefore for the UN to investigate Rajapakse and Sarath Fonseka for war crimes that are being committed now. Timely action should be taken to bring them to court in the Hague, as early as possible, to save Tamil civilian lives.

  • Amazing, first of all, the respect for me or lack of it by some anonymous online entity is just so much toilet paper to me, so if you’re expecting me to curl up and sob, don’t hold your breath. Now, having left respect aside, let’s look at your reasons for assuming guilt.

    “why are you harping on the ballistics… that means nothing in sri lanka… did they collect the arms of all of the SL forces and compare them to the bullets in the 17?”

    So you don’t want to consider ballistics because they sadly don’t prove your allegations. Very wise of you. The bullets removed from the 17 bodies were 5.56-mm NATO and 9-mm Parabellum rounds. Now, if you know even the most basics about small arms, you’ll know that it’s not necessary to examine 150,000 individual weapons. Let me ask you a question, Amazing — if a man is killed in say New York, and DNA left at the site indicates a Negro male, will you then insist that the NYPD examine the DNA of every black male in the city? Your intellect and reasoning is truly amazing, Amazing.

    But let’s move on. 5.56-mm NATO rounds are fired (in SL) by the M16 family of weapons and the Minimi LMG. These weapons are used in Sri Lanka primarily by LTTE special ops units and the STF. They are also used in VERY limited numbers by certain SL military BG squads. There were no STF units or BG squads in Muttur because these type of troops are not used in frontline combat. There are also no eyewitness or circumstantial evidence of any such units being in the area. The only SL military special ops unit in the Muttur area at the time were Navy special forces — the SBS. The latter doesn’t use the M16 on regular missions, but in limited quantities for boarding ops at sea. However LTTE Siruththai commando units were in Muttur directly before its fall, aand the Siruththai use the M16 extensively.

    9-mm Parabellum rounds are fired in SL by the Heckler & Koch MP5 family of SMGs and the Browning Hi-Power pistol. The former is used by special ops units of both sides, but since the few 9-mm rounds recovered were taken from the skulls of two or three of the dead and the wounds indicated close-up execution shots, it can be deduced that these were pistol rounds. The Browning Hi-Power pistol is widely used by both ssides in the conflict.

    So ballistics evidence proves nothing. As I said before, Amazing, you are wise not to talk about ballistics.

    “and whose timelines are you talking about? the ones published by the GOSL…?”

    Well, whose are you talking about? The accusations based on unknown unnamed witnesses are that an SBS unit provided security for two home guards who did the killing, but even that does not coincide with the ballistics. More than two weapons were used in the shootings, and even if the home guards carried 9-mm pistols, they wouldn’t have had 5.56-mm M16s.

    “also if the Trinco 5 had any LTTE connections don’t you think they would have splashed the news all over the place…”

    Well, there’s no evidence is there? And unlike you, I prefer to back up my allegations with evidence, not rumour and innuendo. However, there is no disputing the fact that there was some sort of explosion amongst the students prior to the STF arriving and opening fire. The latter accuse the students of accidentally detonating a grenade or IED that they were carrying, while the students allege that persons in a mysterious trishaw (which has now disappeared without a sign) threw the grenade at them.

    “you’re on weak ground here… why not just admit that the gosl killed ‘em all and that you don’t mind it because anything goes in the “war on terror””

    I’m sure you’d prefer to accuse people without evidence and convict them in a kangaroo court; after all that is the LTTE and white van method, isn’t it?

    The fact is that all the conspiracy theorists who make out that the Muttur killings were just a cover to kill the brother of the Trinco student, are the ones on weak ground without a shred of evidence. Don’t you think such an elaborate plan (worthy of a Hollywood script) would have then taken more care to cover their tracks. Why arrive in an area recently vacated by the LTTE and then shoot some INGO staffers and leave them to be discovered? It would’ve been very easy to have just made them disappear with no questions asked. Isn’t it far more likely that beaten and retreating LTTE terrorists killed the staffers and left them in plain site so that the GoSL would be accused of the crime?

    Looking at a crime scene with a preconceived notion is always a bad way to arrive at a conclusion. Be more open-minded.

  • Ajith

    Sam do you agree that LTTE exploits children and puts them in harms way causing murder by the LTTE? This is acknowledge by the UN (ur highest regard – the same corrupt officials who scammed the food for oil program). A despicable crime on par with any genocide Sam horrendously fails to mention. Supporting this ruthless terrorist outfit in the process with a hidden agenda. People like Sam should be held accountable at war crime tribunals for the damage they cause.

  • Ajith

    LOL at Justin. Fabrication at its best. I must say it is best investigating Prabakaran before anyone else for war crimes. I think naturally that is any intelligent person’s pick. In his book suicide bombs in Colombo killing civilians is ok. Double racist standards. All LTTE wants is to create an ethnically cleansed tamil state! And they will lie through their teeth for that. Will never happen.

  • Ajith, a state is responsible for ALL its citizens. If the state itself disappears, murders, rapes, displaces, arrests and tortures Tamil civilians and not the Sinhalese, what is the meaning? Is there no hidden agenda of genocide? You may not understand it because you are a brainwashed Sinhalese, taught by fabricated history to boost your ego and superiority.

    If a state has refused to grant the legitimate right of the people of North East to rule themselves for the past 60 years, what does it mean? That too a request made democratically, initially peacefully.

    Surely, you exhibit your ignorance on human rights aspects. Do not learn your human rights from your “Buddhist monks”. “Buddhism” in Sri Lanka a killer anti Tamil cult. They are not a religion. Genocide originates there.

    The whole Sinhala nation is a genocidal lot, needing severe punishment. Surely, you all will get that soon.