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Let’s stop corruption in Sri Lanka!

A litany of socio-political problems we face today can directly or indirectly be traced back to the existence and growth of corruption. Bordering on criminality, exacerbating extreme poverty, stifling economic development and ultimately frustrating democracy and good governance, corruption – from bribery and extortion to fraud and nepotism – is a wretched phenomenon that progressively wastes Sri Lanka’s social, economic and political potential. Addressing it requires a holistic approach that looks at the interdependence of the Executive, Parliament, Judiciary, public institutions, private interests and civil society initiatives.

This video, part of a larger media campaign conducted by the Anti-Corruption Programme of ARD has details of a national anti-corruption public exposition from 27th to 29th July 2007 that may prove to be a useful foundation in building public awareness on and against corruption.

What are your ideas to help combat corruption in Sri Lanka?