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Lisa Kois’s film The Art of Forgetting – A Review

During this year’s Vesak week in Sri Lanka, Buddhists celebrated the birth, life and death of their Lord. Principles were recalled: that it is a bad thing to drink alcohol, to eat meat or fish, to commit any crime against living beings. However, there were no messages about the protection of human life, or references […]

Who gains by war in Sri Lanka?

By Kumar Rupesinghe Normally it would seem that nobody wants to have war. War is so horrendous and so devastating that nobody in their right minds would want a war. But unfortunately, this is not the case. There are those who benefit from war and make enormous amounts of money. They are called the Merchants […]

Diaspora dilemmas: Australia and the Sri Lanka conflict

“Australia should add its voice to this call and put real pressure on the Sri Lankan Government to accept an international monitoring body. The conflict can only be resolved through dialogue, but peace talks won’t happen until there is effective and continued pressure applied by Australia and the international community to stop the human rights […]

The brutality of our times: After the Delgoda massacre

The recent massacre of a family in Delgoda gripped the attention of the media recently. Reports today indicate that several houses of those suspected to be behind the massacre were torched by the local community. I link this senseless violence and brutality to society that is no longer moved by these events. Sensationalism aside, do […]

I am an enemy of the State

The full title should have read, “I am an enemy of the State as defined by the Rajapaksa administration”. Truncation was not meant for sensational optics alone. The accusation is increasingly made by those in government that civil society and rights activists who question its bona fides are enemies of the State. Branded traitors and […]

Journalist Pakkiyanathan Vijayashanthan who went missing reported to Badulla Police station

Update to the story published earlier. FMM is relieved to report that former Journalist Pakkiyanathan Vijayashanthan who went mission yesterday noon, reported to Badulla Police station some 200 KM away from Colombo. He had phoned his wife around 4.00 am this morning to say that he is at Badulla bus stand and colleagues who were […]

Another abduction in Colombo

From a Free Media Movement statement released last night: Pakkiyanathan Vijayashanthan alias Vijayan, who had been a journalist and actor was reported missing today, 18th may 2007. He worked for a Tamil daily as a Trincomalee correspondent and later edited Samaadana Nokku, Tamil edition of Peace Monitor, a publication of the Centre for Policy Alternatives […]

යාපනෙය්දි මිනිසත් බව දුටිමි

රාතුි ඝනඅන්ධකාරය කපා හරිමින් , අවට වායුෙගා්ලය ෙදදරැමි කවමින් පුනරින් පුෙද්ශයට ඵල්ලවු ෙෂල් පුහාරයත් සමග මාෙග් සිෙත් යමි බියක් අැතිෙනාවුවා ෙනාෙවි.ෙකාළඹ පුෙද්ශෙය් ජිවත් වන අපට ෙමම පුහාරයන් අඵත් වුවත්,ෙමම පුෙද්ශයන් à·„à·’ ජිවත් වන අපෙග් සෙහා්දර ජනතාවට ෙමම ශබිදයන් ඔවුන්ෙග් ජිවිතවල තවත් ඵක් ෙදයක් පමනි. මා ෙමි සිටින ස්ථානයට මිට සති ෙදකකට පමන ෙපර ඵල්.ටි.ටි.ඊ.සංවිධානෙය් ෙෂල් […]

(non) Patriotic (non) Nationalism

These thoughts are triggered by the call for a Sri Lankan identity. I am not convinced that Sri Lanka’s problems will go away if the people who live there identify themselves as Sri Lankans first. In fact, I find that idea quite problematic. A society should be able to live peacefully, respecting their neighbours despite […]

The New Terrorism

“But time is always guilty. Someone must pay for Our loss of happiness, our happiness itself.” (W.H. Auden, from ‘Detective Story’ in Collected Poems, 1991) It would be interesting to ask W.H. Auden, who called the 20th Century ‘the age of anxiety’ how he would have seen the first years of the 21st Century. While […]

Pressing for change

The general consensus at this year’s World Press Freedom Day celebrations was that there was, in fact, very little to celebrate. Instead, it was brought home once again how reporters, journalists and media personnel in this country continue to be assassinated and abducted and how not only individuals, but entire institutions are subjected to intimidation […]

Political solution or political illusion?

Pradeep Peiris, Anupama Ranawana, May 2007 The much awaited political proposal of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) in now out. Even before the ink has dried it has attracted fierce criticism from every corner including the party’s past and present allies. Interestingly, and quite strategically, the government has attempted to present the proposal as […]