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Lanka’s Left, the State and the Present as History

Photo credit: Vikalpa The notion of the present as history is of course borrowed from Paul Sweezy’s 1953 book by this title which adopts the standpoint of presenting the present as an ongoing process in which the past meets the possibilities pregnant in the future. The timing of an essay using this caption is inspired […]

The Tamil In The Room At The War’s End

On May 19th 2009 the last shots in the nearly three decade long war between the Sri Lankan state and the LTTE were fired. The end came in the form of the virtual destruction of the LTTE including its leadership, after a gruelling campaign in the northern Vanni region leading to the deaths of thousands […]

Political Opposition in a Nihilistic Sinhala Society: Responses and clarifications

[Editors note: This response by Kusal is to the intense and interesting debate generated by Political Opposition in a Nihilistic Sinhala Society published on Groundviews recently.] To all who read and commented and did not comment, “Thank you”. Comments by and large, have the same mindset, though with trivial variations, except for ‘Heshan’. The gist […]

Female deities of Theravada Buddhism: Kannagi and Pattini

[Editors note: Once published, Groundviews does not change the heading of an article. On this post, the author concedes to a point made by Chandula Kumbukage that it would have served her intent better to have titled it ‘Female Deities of Sinhala Buddhism’. The author’s intent is further clarified here.] Female deities do not occupy […]

Sethu Samudram: Bridging art, history and human relations

“Sethu Samudram” is a three-year collaborative art project and a dialog-making platform between Theertha International Artists Collective, Colombo, Sri Lanka and 1Shanthi Road in Bangalore, India. “Sethu Samudram” is the name of the mythical bridge found in Ramayana, meaning the bridge across the ocean. This bridge connects Sri Lanka and India. There is substantial amount […]

Fire and Storm: Essays in Sri Lankan Politics by Michael Roberts commends citizen journalism during war

Fire and Storm: Essays in Sri Lankan Politics is the latest book by Prof. Michael Roberts. Michael was trained in history and the social sciences at Peradeniya University in Sri Lanka. Read a fuller description of the author on his blog and watch a recent interview, produced for broadcast TV and featured on Groundviews here. […]

Political Opposition in a Nihilistic Sinhala Society

[Editors note: The intense and interesting debate this article generated resulted in a longer response by the author. Read it here – Political Opposition in a Nihilistic Sinhala Society: Responses and clarifications.] Taking off from the present This new year loaded my “In box” with that ritualistic “New Year” wish which said, the year would […]

A critique of the Local Authorities Elections (Amendment) Bill

Juanita Arulanantham & Andi Schubert Introduction[1] This briefing paper highlights some of the key aspects of this Bill and attempts to provide the reader with a basic introduction to the issues and implications of the Bill in its current form. We first examine the change in the electoral system and some of the implications it […]

Reconciling Sri Lanka

Due to Sri Lanka’s geographically strategic location coupled with its natural and economic resources the absence of war will give us a chance to move in the direction of a vibrant South Asian economy based on a fiscal program concentrating on exports, tourism, self sufficiency and Post War infrastructural development. However, this cannot be achieved […]

Top 20 posts on Sri Lanka over 2010

Featuring satire, poetry, photography and video to critical commentary and analysis, Groundviews covered major political events and processes in Sri Lanka over 2010. The site’s comprehensive coverage of the first commemoration of the end of war in Sri Lanka resulted in the publication of a seminal book that has been critically acclaimed by academia. Coverage of the […]