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Final text of TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran’s speech in Parliament opposing the 18th Amendment

Though the text of TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran’s speech was published earlier on the Internet, Groundviews was sent today the final version of the text, approved by the MP, which incorporates into the text his responses to interruptions during its delivery in Parliament on 8 September 2010. This text needs to be read in conjunction […]

“Sound is no substitute for argument”: Exclusive video of TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran’s speech in parliament against 18th Amendment

This video complements Exclusive video: Parliamentary debate and objections to 18th Amendment published on Groundviews. The reasoned, well-argued full text of the speech made by TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran against the 18th amendment bill is published elsewhere on the Internet. However this video, procured exclusively by Groundviews, captures much more than the TNA MP’s own submission […]

Exclusive video: Parliamentary debate and objections to 18th Amendment

Groundviews was able to procure exclusive video with highlights from the parliamentary debates on the 18th Amendment Bill. This video was recorded on 7th September 2010. This one hour video begins with the point of order raised by TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran, the synopsis of which can be read here. Inter alia, a salient point […]

Sovereignty for Citizens: A Call to Restore the Republic!

Sri Lanka is a modern republic – which means that its system of government is based on the idea that the citizens of the country rule themselves through arrangements for the representation of their interests. Our constitution sets out these mechanisms, affirms fundamental rights of citizens and declares in its first chapter that, ëIn the […]

Finding a Moral Compass: Citizenship After the 18th Amendment

Loss of Moral Certainty It’s often seems hard to find a reasonable discussion in Sri Lanka about right and wrong, especially when it comes to questions of how our society is governed.  I wonder if part of the reason is that too many of our social institutions and frameworks that shape how we draw our […]

Might is Right in Sri Lanka today

“I define Justice or Right as what is in the interest of the stronger party – the ruling class in any state, but I can see you don’t agree” says Thrasymachus, the sophist to Socrates in Plato’s  – The Republic. The sophists dismissed conventional morality as a sham and substituted self-interest. In Sri Lanka today […]

Law students write against 18th Amendment

Groundviews received a statement against the proposed 18th amendment to the Constitution by law students from the Faculty of Law University of Colombo, the Sri Lanka Law College and the Open University of Sri Lanka. As noted in the email we received, “The English copy has more names in it since we had some last […]

Videos of JVP protest against 18th Amendment

About 3500-4000 JVP supporters marched to Parliament on 7th September to demonstrate their opposition to the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution. It was reported that many of the protestors had come in from around the country and the protest itself was one of the largest and most vociferous this year. The following video was produced […]