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A tweet from the government’s official Twitter account around the LLRC National Action Plan noted the following today,

In February 2014, Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister said the following,

External Affairs Minister of Sri Lanka Prof. G.L. Peiris says the government has implemented 85 percent of the recommendations in the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) report.

Over a year ago, in March 2013, senior Government Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe noted that,

…the government has implemented 99 percent of the recommendations of the reconciliation commission already,as it prepares to face a US-backed resolution at the UNHRC.

In November 2013, Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunge “said that fifty percent of the recommendations made by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission have been implemented” (the link to the website at present throws up a malware warning, so here’s a screenshot of the article).

We wonder what the greater tragedy is – whether it is government that so openly lies with impunity, or the seeming inability of the seniormost diplomats in the world to call the government’s bluff, just a simple Google search away.

  • Fitzpatrick

    I wonder what our dear Dayan would say to this?

  • puniselva

    Lies don’t fit in with each other?

    ‘’One issue particularly preventing returned IDPs from truly ‘settling’
    back home is the high military presence in the north and east. Invasive visits
    and the monitoring of civilians by members of the security forces contribute to
    a sense of general insecurity, while the military’s economic activities are
    also barriers to those who have returned who find themselves facing increased
    competition which either squeezes them out of the market, or prevents them from
    re-joining it completely.

    Indeed, these activities are in contradiction with the LLRC
    recommendations, which called for the military to reduce its presence and stop
    carrying out economic activities. Unbelievably, while the military continues
    with such activities regardless, the respective LLRC recommendation is marked
    as ‘completed’ on the government’s website.

    In the current draft resolution the Human Rights Council ‘calls upon
    the Government to facilitate the effective implementation of durable solutions
    for IDPs, including the long-term displaced.’ With Sri Lanka’s track record
    with regards to implementation, as described above, a strong vote will be
    needed to push the Government of Sri Lanka to take its own commitments to its
    citizens seriously, including the LLRC recommendations’’ – Can the UN Human
    Rights Council get Sri Lanka to take its commitments to its citizens seriously?
    Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, 25 March 2014,

    • Fitzpatrick

      Great comment !

  • puniselva

    For those who aren’t using twitter, the news in the tweet is not given under NEWS in

  • puniselva

    The President as gone for a safer margin of error than his number in the case of the reduction of troops in the North when he was subsequently contradicted by Lalith with a lower figure.