The Daily Mirror ran this story today. Rather than critique it, we did a simple thing. We changed the gender of those mentioned in the story. If you think the following article is utterly absurd and bizarre, then why accept the original as fit for print?


Police find two school boys at bus stand at midnight

FRIDAY, 07 MARCH 2014 03:29

Two boys studying at two reputed boy’s schools in Colombo were found by the Maharagama police at a bus stand at around midnight on Wednesday. Police say they were wearing shorts and T-shirts and appeared to be under the influence of liquor.

Police sources said that they had attended the birthday party and afterwards gone to the bus stand to board a bus to return home. The police had spotted them and taken them to the police station in order to protect them from rapists who, police said, were in the vicinity.

On being questioned they had told the police that they had attended a friend’s birthday party held at a hotel in Maharagama. One student had sat for his O/L examination last year and the other was preparing to sit for the A/Ls next year.

Police said that the father of one student was a senior officer in the army and that he was not cared for by his mother; the father of the other one was dead, and his mother was an invalid.

Investigations are continuing at the direction of the OIC of the Maharagama police, inspector Senarath Diyakelinawala. (Bimal Shyaman Jayasinghe)


A screenshot of the original story appearing on the Daily Mirror website can be seen below.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 9.29.36 AM

  • Afridi

    Glad someone called out the the Daily Mirror for its opinions…err… news reports.

  • Arumugam

    Seems perfectly legit as a story about schoolboys. I don’t think it deserved to make the news, but underage kids under the influence of alcohol hanging around in a dangerous area seems to warrant police intervention.

    The Daily Mirror can go die in a fire, though.

  • ahamednishadh

    the problems i have with the original article as well as this are tile is this.
    1. both the kids (girls/boys) are under-age. There are laws which prohibit selling or giving alcohol or tobacco to under-age kids. How did these kids end up having alcohol?
    2. The two kids attended a birthday party. What were the parents or the guardians of the person who hosted the party doing when under-age kids were consuming alcohol?
    3. The party happened at a hotel. The hotel should be responsible for serving alochol to under-age persons at an event in their premises.
    4. The police say, the took the kids into custody to “protect the kids from the rapists in the vicinity”. If they know there are rapists in the vicinity, what were they doing letting them roam around in the streets?

    There have been serious breaking of law by many stakeholders in this case which is of a concern. Leaving all that alone, we are discussing about if the article was fit for print or not?