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The past few weeks have seen a rise in incidents and publicly expressed sentiments against the Muslim community by groups who claim to represent the rights of Sinhala Buddhists in Sri Lanka. Expressing concerns of undue place given to Muslims in Sri Lanka – from entrance to the Law College to issuing Halal certification to even increase in Muslim population and property ownership by Muslims, groups such as the Bodu Bala Sena and Sinhala Ravaya have taken it upon themselves to educate the Sinhala Buddhists on these concerns.

While these groups declare to be non-violent, speeches given by them at various rallies, defamatory references to individuals and the attacks on Muslim owned businesses in the past few weeks give the impression of a situation of vigilante groups gathering strength.

It is in this context that Social Indicator, the survey research unit of the Centre for Policy Alternatives created this online questionnaire. How seriously should we take the anti-Muslim sentiments being expressed? Are the Bodu Bala Sena justified in their actions? What is the role of the media? What actions should the Government take? Ten questions have been designed to provide a snapshot of public perception on these issues Sri Lanka is experiencing at present.

 The questionnaire will be open for responses from today until 11 April 2013.

Click on the image above or here to answer the questionnaire (will take around 5 minutes).

  • chaminda

    What use and how representative is an on-line survey of English speaking, internet using individuals who are familiar with CEPA and groundviews etc?? we really have step our of our comfort zones and stop being keyboard activists.

  • Janithg

    what about thwere are not a single temple in muslim countries. what about koran says to kill non muslims. these things have been published in sinhalese. all these anti islam feeling came after sinhalese koran

    • Manesha

      Really? You are pointing to other countries and trying to justify the racism and hatred directed at our minorities? What about countries like Malaysia and Thailand where they seem to be tolerant of other religions, shouldn’t you look at positive aspects in successful countries and try to aspire to be more like them? All Holy books of the Abrahamic religions have violent verses. A little bit of research will enlighten you. Meanwhile keep in mind the Sr Lankan Muslims are NOT going around attacking temples, and Sinhalese businesses, and have not shown any violence or retaliation, for the anti Muslim attacks against them.
      No one is forcing anyone to read the Koran.

    • jeyakodi

      If you are an educated oerson and/or a gentlemen, you will not go and attack people who are different from you or their businesses or their livelihoods but most sinhalese are uneducated and thugs. That is why they cannot tolerate a different point of view. They are not used to discussing things instead they only know to kill like animals. Saying this Muslims of SriLanka are not any better, they watched and still have not spoken against tamil genocide. You cannot sit on the fence where human rights issues are concerned. Muslims first have to liberate and treat their women equal. Uneducated women means uneducated children because the father is not there to teach his children. Most muslims don’t understand this logic.

      • Burning_Issue

        “If you are an educated oerson and/or a gentlemen, you will not go and attack people who are different from you or their businesses or their livelihoods but most sinhalese are uneducated and thugs.”

        One can be educated and a racist; one can be uneducated and tolerant; one can be uneducated but a gentlemen!

        The problem in Sri Lanka is the Learned that set the platform on which the hatred of the minorities is being exercised. Do not for a minute think that these are isolated incidents; wait till the Christians are routinely targeted then all hell will break lose!

        In my view; the Sinhala Buddhist extremists see the society as below:

        1. Sinhala Buddhists
        2. Tamil Hindus
        3. Sinhala Christians
        4. Tamil Christians
        5. Muslims

        The Muslims are the furthest in terms of social hierarchy as far as they can see. If anyone disagrees with this I would like to hear from them.

        • jeyakodi

          All racist do not go and attack and kill people. Do not read more than what is written. Your definition of being educated and my definition of education seem to be different.Education does not mean just literacy or doing your o’levels in my books.

        • Jayalath

          To burning issue.

          (The Muslims are the furthest in term of social hierarchy ,)
          ARE you 100% sure that you have said is what you literally meant or has come out it as a side defect of your personal idiosyncrasy ? If your answer is YES , then disregard my reference or if your answer is no , then , this will help you to grow up your tiny brain .

          Please heeds of this when you are calm and quiet which will help you to absorb better . If you think it is a matter of education then all who attacked twin towers , London bombers , Bali bombers , spain train bombers , attackers of Kenya embassy , attacked and burned down all over the world after film of Mohamed , the consul killed after helped to get rid of GADDAFI in LiBYA , Tajmahal hotel attackers in India , those all who would have not had a bit of education , instead of Antisemitism or Marty .

          And the NEXT one is HIERARCHY , let’s have a small ride about the Hierarchy , As far as I know that word has lots meaning and as you have refered to the social hierarchy that I hope it can be defined as , A PERSON or group of having higher authority and it further categorises as according to their ability or status that can be graded to higher level to lower In a society or country , so im wondering whether you are claimed to higher or Lower .
          I’m pretty sure , you claim higher , because it is human nature . !!!!!

          However , the achievinng of
          hierarchy status can be varied from country to country and group to group , therefore in such a circumstance when a person claims a hierarchy in Sri Lanka which is very important to think about , because, as far as I concern that Sri Lanka is having a hierarchical societies and majority of them come from made money out of politics . In other word by robing the state assets . I do not think it needs smoking gun evidance to prove it if you are a human .

          Some called hierarchies made money by dodging tax and duties , some made money robing state properties for nothing , some made money from government contracts , and being close to the government politicians were easy way to be hierarchy which isn’t a secret , so I wouldn’t mine to know where is your hierarchy come from ?

          • Burning_Issue


            My tiny brain cannot of course comprehend your logic! May be if you read the following book things may become clearer for you incidentally my brain will begin to regain a normal shape from your perspective. You need to understand the distructive phenomenon of Sinhala Buddhist Fundamentalism for what it is then you may attempt to counter my reasoning. Good luck!


          • Off the Cuff

            Dear Burning Issue,

            “As Suntheralingam pointed out 69 years ago, Tamil fundamentalism is provoking Sinhala fundamentalism. Anyone reading the Sinhala newspapers and listening to the Sinhala radio channels will realise it. I am worried that this type of tit-for-tat fundamentalism will only worsen the situation and make it difficult for the government to come up with a solution to the ethnic problem” (T. Sabaratnam)

            “I am a PROUD DRAVIDIAN” (G.G. Ponnambalam, The Hansard, 1935, column 3045).

            Ponnambalam attacked the Mahavamsa and the Sinhalese, at a meeting in Navalapitiya, in 1939, in such extreme terms that the people attacked him (Hindu Organ, November 1, 1939).

            The first Sinhala-Tamil riots in 1939

            “The Ceylon Tamils had no written document on the lines of the Mahavamsa to authenticate their singular and separate historical authority in Sri Lanka, a fact which Ceylon Tamil communalists found very irksome” (Dr. Jane Russell page 131)

            The absence of a canonical text on Buddhism, that projects a religious fundamentalism leaves a gaping hole in the argument of “Sinhala Buddhist Fundamentalism” (Any other religious fundamentalism is based on a canonical text). This is a Fundamental failiure and a fundamental flaw in the argument of The authors of “Buddhist Fundamentalism and Minority Identities in Sri Lanka”, Tessa J. Bartholomeusz and Chandra Richard De Silva.

            In an apparent attempt to cover up this failure and flaw, they attempt to elevate the Mahawamsa to the status of the Bible and the Koran. That the Mahavamsa is not a religious text is apparent to even a simpleton. Hence their argument fails to append the adjective “Buddhist” to any Sinhala fundamentalism that may exist.

            Page 24 of the book states

            In addition to shaping the politics of both the minority and majority communities of the island, Sinhala Buddhist Fundamentalism also has affected the views about foriegn elements in Sri Lanka, which created in the 1980s a rather insular way of looking at the world. Regarding this Bond’s essay chronicles the affect hat Sinhala Buddhist fundamentalism has had on Sarvodaya Shramadana, which began as a movement of social change and development based on Buddhist thought. In the course of time and in large part due to the contribution of foriegn powers, Sarvodaya was seen by former President Premadasa as a font of Western, Christian and thus corrupting, influences in Sri Lanka. In a smear campaign that continues to present, Premadasa and those who carried on his ideas after his death, have labled Sarvodaya as anti Sri Lankan, and thus anti Buddhist, agency.

            Evidence for anti Sri Lankan to be interpreted as anti Buddhist?

            Sarvodaya was powerful at grass roots level and was getting stronger. Is it not possible that Premadasa found AT Ariyaratne becoming a political threat to him even though Ariyaratne had declared that he had no political ambitions?

            Page 2

            The identity between Sinhala people and the dhamma, based on a reading of the fifth century “mythohistory”, the Mahavamsa, has contributed to the notion that Sri Lanka, destined to be the island of the dhamma, should be dominated by Buddhist.

            Of course the Mahavamsa contains myths. Does it follow that it contains nothing but Myth? Which historical text does not contain embellishments and Myth? Ramayanaya? Roman and Greek historical texts? US History? British History? Egyptian History?

            Is it the Mahavamsa that had dictated and created the overwhelming majority of Buddhists in Sri Lanka? That Sri Lanka is dominated by Buddhists is Reality and just plain fact. The Mahavamsa has nothing to do with it. If you think like Tessa J. Bartholomeusz and Chandra Richard De Silva, who attribute it to the Mahavamsa, please prove it.

            You reference has no balance or objectivity and is engaging in Mahavamsa and Buddhist bashing (your pet topic unfortunately), just like GG Ponnambalam did, when he precipitated the FIRST Sinhala Tamil ethnic Riot.

            Since you ridicule Jayalath for contesting your opinion, could you kindly state how the Tamil Hindu/Christian/Saivete extremists see Sri Lankan society as? Or would it be more opportune to know your views of Sri Lankan Society from the point of view of the Tamil Vellala Elites?

            Sebastian Rasalingam of Jaffna (a low cast Tamil) has this to say about Tamil society.

            “The poor Tamils worked in the properties and homes of the upper-caste Tamils. We could not go in buses or attend school. Our very presence was ‘polluting’. When the buses were nationalized by SWRD, the CTB allowed anyone to travel in them. THAT angered the Tamil leaders. It was the Church that grudgingly opened doors very slightly to the oppressed Tamils by allowing them to learn English and read the Bible. In my young days I sat on the class-room floor or carried a low stool from class to class, as only the high castes could sit on chairs. The teachers treated me and another child like me as excreta and punished us for daring to be there. But, I thought that was the law – each had his station in life”.

            The TRUTH is not very palatable is it?

    • Traveller Jim

      Janithg you are wrong, I live in Malaysia a Muslim country and there are plenty of temples, Buddhist and Hindu, including a large Sri Lankan Buddhist temple in the middle of Kuala Lumpur.
      As for the actions of some thugs in saffron robes recently in Sri Lanka, it is an insult to Buddhism and all who try to be good Buddhists.

    • Fadhil

      Brother,the Qur’an has never said to kill all non Muslims, please don’t create problems, we are all Sri Lankans and we seek no revenge, so u guys too:)
      And in Iraq,turkey and some other countries there have been temples,kowils…
      So please refer to sources a bit more properly and deliberate your comments.

    • Fathima

      The biggest misconception people have is that Arab countries respresent MUSLIMS.. im sorry to disappoint all those who think that.. but the fact is that even though Arabs are muslims.. All muslims aren’t Arab & therefore we all can’t speak for those Arabs. Malasia and all are muslim countries too who have religious tolerance, they have kovils churches & one of the biggest buddhist temples, but howcome they aren’t taken as examples for muslims confuses me. And people take random sentences from the quran & create havock .. if you actually read the text, before & after as well as the stories behind u will be surprised as to howmuch it stressess on peace. The word Jihaad is mentioned in the quran about 41 times, and jihaad mean facing ones difficulty, it doesnt mean war! ur jihad could simply be waking up early morning on a sunday which is hard! u can only face a war to protect urself and ur family, NEVER to hurt or conquer whats not urs, & also the words PEACE, MERCY & Compassion r mentioned over 355 times. & not all muslims are uneducated, i come from a family where every one of us are educated including myself all the women have a minimum or euivalent of a Bachelors degree.I am a Sri Lankan & that is my identity, and just like any one of u’ll i want to live in ths country peacefully, & family is not always blood relatives or ppl of the same religion.. family to me is the people who i love & love & care for me despite differences in race and religion. SL saw 30 yrs of hate & viloence, all i pray is that now it will see only love & peace.. all im asking is if you dont understand, seek knowledge from a reliable source with an open mind to learn & understand & then u learn to be more compassionate , if i was to judge buddhism based on what the media shows i would have got the very wrong idea, but i learnt it through the right sources to know its nothing like what the media portrays these days and its all about Karunawa maithriya and a whole lot of goodness, which as a muslim is the same thing i believe in.. dont go on what others say, seek knowledge from the right sources & use ur own rational thinking before passing judgement on anyone..

      • Noel

        Everyone passes the buck and say that we are mis-interpreting something or other with religion. The fact is, religion, especially those with Abrhahamic roots, encourage ‘us’ and ‘them’ attitude. These take root in groups of people that take things to the extreme.

        “Tolerance”, as it is taught to Budhists, does not exist in those religions. In fact, it is against their “God”‘s wishes.

        Bottom line, All Religion is “Stupid”. We must stop subsidizing religion and start encouraging Scientific Thought instead. Budhism will survive as it is simply a beautiful suggestion on how to make sense of “being”. Nothing else.

  • Social Indicator

    @Chaminda – We are aware of the limitations of an online survey in a country like SL and the particular demographics that would be respondents in this survey. We will incorporate some of these questions in our annual island wide opinion poll in the near future – but unfortunately island wide surveys are costly and cannot be done in a short amount of time, whenever we want.

    This survey is on an issue that is developing everyday and we felt the importance to gauge public perception to whatever extent that is within our reach at this point. In no way will we attempt to generalise the results to a Sri Lankan context.

  • justitia

    Internet users are generally well informed and more than average educated. Their opinions matter more than that of others.

  • Bawa

    Sri Lanka Buddhist monks , sadly, has forgotten one of the Buddha’s most important teachings: “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”
    ? Gautama Buddha

  • Amarasiri

    1. Was Sri Lanka Sinhala Buddhist to begin with?
    2. Did the Sun Go around the Earth to Begin With?
    3. Is Rebirth and Nirvana can be achieved only by Sinhala Buddhists?
    4. Can Rebirth and Nirvana can be achieved only by Hindus?
    5. Were the parents of Lord Buddha Hindus?
    6. Who Lived in Sri Lanka initially as Natives? Nagas, Yakksa and Veddahs.
    7. What was their First Lanka Native Religion? Animist, ancestral worship, Egalitarian.
    8. What was their Second Lanka Religion? Hinduism
    9. What was the religion of Bali? Hinduism.
    10. What is the current Religion of Bali? Hinduism.
    11. What was the Third Religion of Lanka? Buddhism
    12. Why did Monk Mahanama say the grandfather of Vijaya was a Lion? Just Myth
    13. Was Vijaya, the Prakrit immigrants from Kalinga a Hindu? Yes
    14. Why did the Mink Mahanama write other Myths as truth?
    He wanted myths to be accepted.
    Veddas (Sinhala: ?????? [?væd?a?], Tamil: ??????? V??uvar) are an indigenous people of Sri Lanka, an island in the Indian Ocean. They, amongst other self-identified native communities such as Coast Veddas and Anuradhapura Veddas, are accorded indigenous status. From as early as 18,000 BCE, a genetic continuum is shown with present-day Veddas.[2]

    • jeyakodi

      Well said. I loved your first and the second points reading one after the other. It was and is attacking and killing tamils first, now muslims, next it would be christians, then it would be sinhalese christians,then anyone who do not agree with Mr Rajapackshe. Sinhalese are sleep walking.

  • Sri

    The Sinhala Buddhists on the extremist fringe and monks are up to it again! But what is the state police doing other than mere watching! And needless to say, the government? Is this all part of the Mahavamsa cult all over again in the 21st century?

    • jeyakodi

      Over the last 65 years since the independence Sinhalese never stopped killing and looting Tamils in the South, Kandy etc. Police always watched because it was the politicians and the Yellow robed thugs who were orchestrating these violence against the Tamils. It is the 1983 Violence of Sinhalese against Tamils, that gave strength to the Tigers. Now the world will know and see the truth but what is the use over 40,000 innocent were killed by the government and quite genocide is also currently taking place and the world has not acted yet.

      • Off the Cuff

        Dear jeyakodi,

        Same old song.
        The Tamils are innocent lambs who respect human rights.
        The Sinhalese are inhuman brutes.

        But the facts are different.

        Lets discover the Real Brutes from the writings of a courages Tamil.

        Sebastian Rasalingam grew up in Jaffna. After WW2 he moved to Mannar and later to Hatton where he married an Estate Tamil Lady and thence to Colombo. He now lives in Canada. This is what he writes on DBS

        “The poor Tamils worked in the properties and homes of the upper-caste Tamils. We could not go in buses or attend school. Our very presence was ‘polluting’. When the buses were nationalized by SWRD, the CTB allowed anyone to travel in them. THAT angered the Tamil leaders. It was the Church that grudgingly opened doors very slightly to the oppressed Tamils by allowing them to learn English and read the Bible. In my young days I sat on the class-room floor or carried a low stool from class to class, as only the high castes could sit on chairs. The teachers treated me and another child like me as excreta and punished us for daring to be there. But, I thought that was the law – each had his station in life.

        When I moved to Hatton and later to Colombo, I found a very different world. It was a transforming experience for me and my wife to find that our workmates, mostly Sinhalese would actually sit with us and share a cup of tea. We found that we could go to night school and study without being threatened, beaten up, or go and borrow books, and do things that would bring swift retribution ‘back in the North’; our dwellings would have been torched and our women raped with impunity”

        Is there anything left for you to say?

        Any more Lies?

  • Candidly

    Some of my Moslem friends tell me that they always try to make their purchases in Moslem shops, if possible. I usually tell them that this seems to be unwise, as if we all practised preferences like this it would be Moslems, who are a minority but are strongly represented amongst traders, who would suffer the most. Such preferences will also be resented by by others who are not Moslems.

    There are unwise people amongst all religions, and those from all communities who think ahead and see the wider implications of their actions need to discuss issues like this together and agree acceptable standards of conducting their daily lives that do not antagonise others and eventually cause problems for themselves.

  • Mohamed Fazil

    Dear Sri Lankans
    As a Muslim I used to think only we are Sri Lankan we can practice their own religion as they wish suddenly we have this much of problem most of the time I used to follow my life as Halal way,,Clothing,eating,properties Etc,,,,,I wish everybody live in harmony with out Racist because this world never belongs to anyone
    Ameen peace in Sri Lanka

    • Dissa

      This is a typical responds that we hear from muslims where they are not the majority, they talk about PEACE and how important it is for coexistence. But in countries where they are the majority the whole story is different, a different set of ethics come to play then. Yes there are few countries which a exception but the majority of them don’t tolerate any other religion first they kill or push out the people of the other faiths and once it becomes a muslim country they start killing each other in the name of their god.

  • LOVE

    We Muslims believe in peace. The situation which arisen now is politically motivated. Some extremists taking advantage of the uneducated ones thus mesmerizing their minds with unauthenticated hate speeches against other religions. This is purely for their own benefits (perhaps for votes). Need to know more about Islam and misconception, watch PEACE TV.
    My brothers and sisters please follow what is preached in Islam i.e. TOLERANCE , LOVE AND RESPECT. ALLAH knows best.

    • Jayalath

      To love .

      If you keep on a table basically what all these religions have taught to us are very similar althought some come from the Mediterranean or far east . I never heard that any religion has been told to hurt to any one or be unkind ,but Unfortunatly we have or we experience right opposite to what we have taught today , not only by religions also by our elders .

      There is a good tool of measuring it more that we muttering about it last 2600 years .( Buddha 2600. Christ 2013. Mohamed 1400 ) it is our conscience , one day when scientists found a toot to detect it and expose what these individuals are thinking of wanting to do and on this day we will be able to say what exactly these indiviuals are thinking about and saying about.
      I’m not pessimistic of cynical about the good teachings of religions ,but there isn’t any thing practically available or admirable about it , as all these talks are in the air mainly , not in deeds . We need those teaching of religions are to be presented in real life ,not after death .
      I can see lot of people do things of thinking about where they go after death but in this life they do all the dirty things .
      It is no matter who are they or what religion are they come from . Do you agree.

      I can remember those days when Sri Lanka plays on Pakistan that some people support Pakistan and when india plays that some people support India althought they are Sri lankans , so this is how our attitude .This is how things turned bad and worst now .
      The situation we face today isn’t a rare incident or perceiving suddenly , this is a result of disintegration for many years . We made it , and we all contributed to make it happen .,
      Therefore , at least right now , we must learn to be Sri lankan , not to be bias religiously . Or think we are alienated , or try to make things different from foriegn money or ideas , If you think in a such way that we would only can resolve this matter by ARSENELS.
      Therefore , it is good to every ones health to be healthy Sri lankan , not frail. And thank you for your few good words .

  • Nuhman A. Saleem

    Islam is a religion of peace and equality as it gives everyone the equal rights whether a Muslim or a non-Muslim. There is no discrimination for anyone in Islam. Islam is the messenger of kindness and The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was sent as a mercy to the mankind of whole universe.

    The Holy Quran says:

    “And We have not sent you but as a mercy to all the worlds” (Quran 21:107)

    The Holy Quran clearly uses the word “universe” which clarifies that The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is not only the mercy for the Muslims but for non-Muslims as well. So there should be no doubt in any person’s mind that Islam does not believe in equality and Islamic teachings are biased.

    There are innumerable aspects of life where Islamic teachings stress the protection of rights of non-Muslims which are necessary to be learnt by every Muslim as he/she has to be answerable for his/her every deed before Allah on the Day of Judgment.

    Islam has strictly forbidden the Muslims to abuse or speak ill of the non-Muslim religious leaders or saintly persons. Similarly, a Muslim is not allowed to insult other religions. A Muslim must respect other religions and their believers.

    If Muslims conquer any territory of non-Muslims, they have no right to harm their places of worship in many means. Even, they are not allowed to cut their trees and attack women, children, old men and the men who are not fighting against them.

    Islam does not allow a Muslim to enter the house of his non-Muslim neighbor without his permission.

    Non-Muslims can move freely from one place to another in the Islamic state and carry out their businesses. In the lifetime of The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and the righteous Caliphs, non-Muslims used to visit Muslim countries with no restrictions (the only exception is Mecca and Medina). They carried out their businesses without any fear and even the Prophet (PBUH) himself used to buy from them.

    Non-Muslims can seek asylum in Muslim states and the Muslims are also allowed to get asylum in non-Muslim states as the Prophet (PBUH) ordered the earliest Muslims to go to Abyssinia and seek refuge in the Christian country of Negus.

    Islam has bound all Muslim jurists to be unbiased in their verdict as the Muslims as well as non-Muslims are to be treated equally.

    Muslim states are also ordered to look after the rights of non-Muslims even from the funds of Finance Department (Bait-ul-Maal). There are some examples where The Holy Prophet (PBUH) did the same thing. Once the Prophet (PBUH) gave charity to the families of Jews as it is permitted in Islam. (Abu ubaid, al-Qasim bin Salam, AlAmwal, Cairo,1969, P.804)

    Imam Muhammad, the pupil of Imam Abu Hanifa, has reported that the Prophet (PBUH) sent some property to the people of Mecca which was to be distributed among the poor during the days of famine. They were idolaters and were engaged in fighting against Muslims. (Al-Sharakhsi, sharh siyar Al-Kibar, vol. 1, P. 144)

    According to the teachings of Islam, a Muslim must treat even the dead body and bones of a non-Muslim with respect. It is a great sin to disrespect dead body of a non-Muslim.

    Islam gives equal rights to non-Muslims with the Muslims to exercise the right of freedom of speech. Non-Muslims can share their views and criticize any wrongdoing by the Muslims or Muslim state.

    A Haidth of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) should be enough for a Muslim to take care of a non-Muslim’s rights.

    “Beware! Whoever is cruel and hard on a non-Muslim minority, curtails their rights, burdens them with more than they can bear, or takes anything from them against their free will; I (Prophet Muhammad) will complain against the person on the Day of Judgment.” (Abu Dawood)

  • Gihan Jerome De Silva

    Cannot Muslims understand, wearing black full body cover by women, men sporting beard & some wearing sort of an arab dress & Halal food which we never saw or heard some 25 years ago ? that they like to be & show different from other Lankans ?
    Forgetting they lived & ate food, without all those for more than 500 tears in this land , under the protection of Sinhala Buddhist Kings & Sinhala community ? & being part of it ? Why the hell they changed during last 02 decades ?
    On the other hand isn’t it fair to expect some 90% of non-muslim population to eat Halal by default ? if Chicken / Meat producing companies produce only halal , as it’s impractical to have 02 different producing processes ?
    Didn’t they, trying to identify themselves as a separate community at this juncture alone ,deserve to be treated as such ? ( after all that’s what they are asking for)
    Wouldn’t Muslims think they be better off, if remove all those things? extra clothing & halal? & identifying themselves separately from other Sri Lankans on streets ?

    Ona different note, isn’t it fair to expect some 90% of non-muslim population to eat Halal by default if Chicken / Meat producing companies produce only halal , as it’s impractical to have 02 different producing processes ?

    • jeyakodi

      This is how most Sinhalese thinks. What is wrong with what muslims or anybody wears as clothing? so what is wrong with them eating Halal if they want to. Are you serious of what you are saying? Just because Muslims differenciate themselves from the majority does that give right to the sinhalese to attack them? Why buddhist monks are bald and wearing yellow and or orange robe? Do you think people in the west should attack them because they are wearing different clothes in a christian country? Get real man. Have you read Buddha’s teachings. Buddha said every thing in this world changes. I hope you are not still wearing nappy that you wore when you were a baby. How come Sinhalese women are wearing western clothes and the men are wearing trousers instead of sarongs. This is called evolving.

      • Gihan Jerome De Silva

        @ jeyakodi,
        I cannot stop laughing, I never said anything wrong with Muslims wearing , eating etc, pl. read my comment again . Nothing to do with Buddha / Mohomad/Jesus teaching .. You be real & answer one by one issues I raised [edited out].

      • Gihan Jerome De Silva


        “This is how most Sinhalese thinks.”

        May be

        “What is wrong with what muslims or anybody wears as clothing?”

        Nothing wrong but expect rejection by others , treating as aliens of society. Why this change came during last 20 years only, not before that? For them to be different did Sinhalese do anything wrong, other than protecting them when they were attacked by foreign invaders, namely Portuguese.

        “so what is wrong with them eating Halal if they want to.”

        They can & they did for over 500 years. But that should not be fed to rest 91 % of total population & they too have the right to choose not to eat Halal food.
        “Are you serious of what you are saying?”

        “ Just because Muslims differenciate themselves from the majority does that give right to the sinhalese to attack them?”

        Not at all, but no govt./police can stop it , if they choose to, since they see some aliens, they did not see here ever, during last 500 years,perhaps by that time thins gone beyond control, thank god did not happen as yet,

        “Why buddhist monks are bald and wearing yellow and or orange robe? Do you think people in the west should attack them because they are wearing different clothes in a christian country?”

        Monks are priests, so Muslim priests too can wear them, not laymen. Buddhists laymen won’t wear Monks cloths anywhere, leave alone Christian countries.
        “Get real man. Have you read Buddha’s teachings. Buddha said every thing in this world changes.”

        I read Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity & little Islam as well.
        Even in Muslim countries with developed societies ,such as Turkey don’t allow even parliamentarians to were Islamic headscarf , a decade ago all muslim parliamentarians in Turkish parliament, made one woman parliamentarian to remove the “headscarf “,Get real man, better educate yourself before commenting.

        “I hope you are not still wearing nappy that you wore when you were a baby. How come Sinhalese women are wearing western clothes and the men are wearing trousers instead of sarongs. This is called evolving.”

        Man,You are showing yourself well.
        Which man protests if they live like any other ordinary man/women. Problem is with some unenlightened muslims ,perhaps like you trying to be different from all others.
        Get a life man.

        • jeyakodi

          What is ordinary? black, white, chinese way, western way, muslim thinking, man, women, aboriganies, hetrosexual, homosextual who is the standard? Sinhalese?!!!!!!.

          Do you know what democracy i? do you know what freedom is? go and google it. Do you know what humanrights means google it. You will learn something.

          • Banda

            Jekodi it seems you do google when you want to go to toilet also, to see how they do. Funny. The things that you’ve been familiar with should not be rewritten by google. Live in common sense man.

    • Banda

      I agree with Gihan, Muslims in Srilanka were not like this a decade before, why ts this sudden change. They want to be seen as different sect on the street. Women are garbed in black and all covered, even men are with full beards and with a typical Arab dress, even streets where they live are Arab style with date trees if not palms. I have seen some photos that are displayed in social media is always labelled as 100% Muslim town or hospital. These are the things along with forcibly making halal the way of life that has bright the wrath of the other non Muslim communities. It is not good to segregate in a extremist manner in a muti cultural society. We Sinhalese never go visiting our Muslim friends though we invite them . Either they never invite us or we are reluctant because we know we are not welcome.just talking peace is not enough, an effort must be made to live in harmony, keeping religion distanced from day to day living.

      • Anil De Edward

        Banda and Gihan are voicing the main concerns that most sinhala buddhists are having at present. Why this sudden change in their behavior,clothing and society? It is as if they are alienating themselves from the rest of Sri Lanka and are slowly turning it into an Semi-Arab state where all women are covered in black attire,all food is halal certified and mosques are popping up all over the place. The Buddhist “sense” of sri lanka is slowly depleting and this is what is stirring the attention of monks and buddhists in sri lanka. We have no issues with muslims and they can live however that they want to but please,learn to mingle with society without staying in closed clumps of only your own people and integrate yourselves deeper into sri lanka as our fellow countrymen. Also,control the production of mosques (not that you shouldn’t make any) because this sudden abundance of mosques is aggravating the sinhala buddhist community as they think that this is “islamifying” Sri Lanka which is supposed to be the heart of thervada buddhism.

        • jeyakodi

          They are not islamifying. Muslims are SriLankans, as such they can practice their religion and wear what they want. Now that the tigers are no more they have started noticing the next victims that is Muslims. It will be somebody else after Muslims. It is not ‘I think’ therefore it is. SriLanka never was and never will be a buddhist country only just because some of you ‘think’ it is. Don’t follow your thoughts and act on it, watch it, that too changes and not permanent, just like your life. This is the main theme of buddha’s teachings. You and the yellow robed thugs do not know Buddha’s teachings. Buddhist country my foot.

          • Banda

            Please mister it won’t happen to your liking, Srilanka is Buddhist Sinhala country, you all are welcome here to live a life with dignity, but do not think you can suppress us and to make us follow your likes. It will never happen and that is why we say live like any body else without making a hell of a difference to say I’m a Muslim. If you want to do it that way get out and find new homes in Arabic countries.

  • mohamed asfar

    every budhdhist,hindu and muslim families lost someone or something to the brutal war of 30 years. i do not want even my enemy to go through the same again. most frightening part is the silence of the govt.