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Sri Lankan Defence Ministry suddenly wakes up to its own propaganda

In response to the appearance of posters in Colombo promising generous cash rewards for would be suicide bombers who gave themselves up, Sri Lanka’s military spokesman, Brig Udaya Nanayakkara, said last Friday (28th March) in a BBC news report that the police were investigating the posters. “He said there was no answer when he had […]

From Akkaraipattu

This video clip contains a brief interview with A.L Thavam – Chairperson of Akkaraipattu Pradeshiya Saba (local government). It is presented here as is, without analysis or comment. Summary of the interview. Feels that Batticoloa election was successful because of the lack of incidents, and says therefore Government has been successful in liberating the Eastern […]

Elections in the East: The dawning of democracy or fostering of violence?

By K. Ratnam It is as if the city of Batticaloa has become a red hot furnace due to the scorching sun. Yet at high noon there is a pall of gloom that hangs over the city. People who have come to attend to their requirements are wandering about hither and thither in a mighty […]

The psychological trauma of an age old war

Puthiyavan A recent survey conducted by a social organisation in Savatkadu, Anaikodai Jaffna under a the supervision of a psychiatrist, revealed the silent suffering of generations who’ve witnessed the war first hand. The killings, abductions and disappearances that take place daily have contributed to decades of mental agony which are finally taking its toll in […]

Lionel Bopage: Evolution of the LTTE and Prabhakaran’s role in the Tamil nationalist struggle

Lionel Bopage speaks on the evolution of the Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eelam (LTTE) and Prabharakan’s role in making the outfit what it is today. Lionel Bopage was a former General Secretary of the JVP and was involved with the party since 1968 until his resignation in 1984. Other related contributions by Lionel Bopage to […]