Impeachment of Sri Lanka’s Chief Justice and its impact: Poll results

Photo courtesy Euronews

From 6 – 21 March 2013, Groundviews ran an online poll to ascertain opinions on the lasting impact of the unprecedented impeachment of Sri Lanka’s Chief Justice.

The online poll was hosted on 177 responses were generated.

The questionnaire can be downloaded as a PDF here.

The full poll results, for statistical analysis and verification, can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet here. Excerpts to the answers given to Question 1 and 7 are reproduced below, which some language edits. Unedited responses to these questions can be downloaded as plain text files (Question 1 and Question 7). Select quotes from the responses generated by Question 9 are also embedded in the infographic below. Unedited responses to this question are included in the Excel spreadsheet above.

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Groundviews sincerely thanks those who took the time to respond to the online questionnaire.


Question 1: The protests have died down, and the issue already largely forgotten by mainstream media, polity and society. What do you think are the lasting effects, if any, of the Shirani Bandaranayake’s impeachment in early 2013 (500 characters)?

Question 7: What do you perceive is the most important challenge for the judiciary after the impeachment of the CJ in early 2013 (500 characters)?