Photo courtesy of Twitter


Paralysis, blocked arteries, arrests

cutting off ringleaders, in a plot to silence

the flow and will of the majority, this

reality implemented swiftly once

the dictator fled to be replaced by

the soft-gloved fist of the old-fashioned


new leader. Hard to pick up momentum

when state machinery spies you

everywhere and sends foot soldiers,

constables to knock on your family’s

door asking where is your son?

Where did your daughter go?


We come to impose the law. We are

its agents. Your children walked

into the president’s home as if

they had no care for order. Now

they have something to worry

about. They cannot hide even


at home. We are bloodletting,

cleaning the body politic before

the operation which must be

conducted to hold on to power

while the masses eat one meal

a day of rice and parippu.