Photo courtesy of Zee News

The bird, the plane, the strong man, the “terminator”

went to Male then to Singapore. He will get to Riyadh

I understand. Where to house the fallen dictator?


Should the United Nations give Saudi Arabia

a prize for its largesse? Or will the Saudis

deliver the bird in return for a full return


to the new world order? Realpolitik is

the only rule. Gota has gone to his alternative

home, in the desert, not far from Mecca,


not far from the eyes of God or the world.

We do not forget Gota. We do not forget.

Wherever you venture the people will get out


their placards and walking shoes. We will gather

in our name outside your hotel, in the public line

at airport immigration. And we will find you


in Riyadh, send you tea from the island,

toffee, batik. We want you to feel at home

as you wait for the call from the Hague.