Gota has gone. Mahinda has flown

Basil forgot his passport. Chamal

is wondering about in a fog.

Namal, ah the great hope, the son,

what happened to your Lamborghini?


What happened to you? Will

you find a way back into power

in a country united against

your family? I don’t know

the answers–nor do the tens


of thousands streaming through

the new public museums,

private lives of the rich

and famous exposed. Yet order

will come on the pendulum


replacing chaos, a new president.

a new prime minister. But we

are afraid. Will the people

remember what brought

them to rise to their grandeur,


to meet the ambitions and dreams

they hold for their children? Will

the kids indeed inherit everything?

But not Namal. Not one family

who pillaged the country


for two decades. New blood.

New minds. New ways I pray,

and I propose, to move

the island out of

bankruptcy, out of jail.