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This statement is being issued by a multi-religious group of Sri Lankan citizens, including several religious leaders, with no vested interests.

We have been compelled to come together to speak with one voice as we are extremely concerned and are in fear of what our country is facing today.

Since the 26th of October 2018 the citizens of this country have been plunged into a state of confusion, chaos, fear and deep anxiety. As the days evolved, one political event succeeded another, and each of them left us more confused and saddened, and with a growing sense of despair and frustration.

Those responsible for this crisis are none other than you, the leaders in whom the people of our country have placed their trust. The people of our country are completely aware that the root cause of this serious breach of trust that has let us down in more ways than one, is your own narrow political agendas and desire for power. People question your credibility and no amount of words can convince them that their needs and the country matter to you anymore. The vast majority of our people have watched these adverse developments over the past weeks, patiently and silently. They have noted how those of you occupying the highest seats of political power have usurped your responsibilities of good governance with scant regard for the legitimate rights and welfare of the people. The people have also patiently watched how the moral fabric of our society is being torn apart, and the economy and security of peoples’ livelihoods threaten to reach unrecoverable depths.

Since you are the cause of this crisis it is your responsibility to resolve it. No amount of blaming others will resolve our predicament.

Enough is enough. The people are exhausted and fast losing patience. Accept your mistakes, sit together and put the country and the needs of the people first. Abide by the constitution, respect our democratic traditions and restore political stability, law & order, by establishing stable governance. Those of you who will provide leadership and make sacrifices to bring about this change, will be remembered by the people, especially at election time.

One thing is certain, you have no right to hold twenty-one million people to ransom or subject them to prolonged confusion any longer. You must deliver now, or step aside and allow those who can, to serve us. These are the honourable options before you.

Download PDF of this letter here.