This is the fourth in a series of video interviews forecasting what 2017 will have in store across different sectors, including women’s rights, economics, and arts and culture. Rosanna Flamer Caldera from EQUAL GROUND speaks about LGBTIQ rights for the year 2017. At 1:28 she speaks about the discrimination faced by the community, while at 2:26 she speaks about recent progressive steps made, and at 4:12 she speaks about the way forward for civil society and the community at large.

This video was recorded before news broke that the Government was planning to drop provisions decriminalising homosexuality from the National Human Rights Action Plan (NHRAP). Commenting on this development, Flamer Caldera said, “Dropping decriminalization of homosexuality sent a very clear message of the Government’s small mindedness and the lack of will to embrace diversity and inclusiveness.  We must fight against conservative manipulations and urge our government that all people are born equal regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

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