Photo courtesy The Global Mail

Tell me my brother in the North,
Who is not allowed to weep today
Tell me about the times when you laughed
On your long road to defeat and subjugation
Tell us as we too begin
Our own mirthful journey to hell
Lined with billboards of paradise
Did you too laugh my brother?
When they piled on the battlefield
The putrid bodies of young men
Seeing in their grimacing faces
The pain of a vanquished enemy
Not the tears of a bereaved mother.
And when the Muslims ran
To beat the cruel deadline
Did you too laugh my brother,
Watching those traitors stumble and fall?
And when your king promised you
The sun and moon
Did you too cheer wildly
And silence the critics with menacing looks
Even if you too felt deep down
That this road to glory was paved with blood
And ended in dust?
And when the sceptics warned
Before they were throttled
That all this fanfare
Will drown in thunder
Did you too laugh my brother,
Did you too laugh