Colombo, Poetry

Come Soon

Come soon. The sepalika
are growing wild and high.
You must see them before
you die, before I die. Come

soon. The book is finished.
The war is done. Yes, I know,
I know, boys appear still
in dreams and disappear

in dribs and drabs, and islanders,
who left for foreign lands,
must be interviewed by
the Minister of Defense himself

to recover citizenship. But come.
Come. Don’t leave me alone
for the rest of time. Give me
a hug, I have a garland for you.

The trees are waiting for
their prodigal sons. We will
be happy, make merry, until
the Minister sends his messenger.

Then just call your embassy. You
have free passage. You are American,
and He loves your democracy,
all democracies. Come soon. Come now.


A collection of the poems by Indran Amirthanayagam, Uncivil War has just been published by Tsar Books in Canada.