Batticaloa, Development, Gender, Peace and Conflict, Politics and Governance, Post-War

Feminism bottom-up: Women’s Support Networks in the North and East

Before, during and after the three decade long conflict, women have played a major role in supporting their families, community support systems, and the economy.

This video highlights the stories of women groups that set up successful support networks in the north before the war, through which they addressed various community and livelihood issues, as well as violence against women.

During the war these networks disbanded, and many women lost network members and vital assets. In a post-war context, these women are going back to their villages and are starting from scratch again.

As these women share their experiences pre, during and post war it also creates a discussion around what feminism really is?  The video reflects on successful grassroots activism and challenges the popular notion of feminism being western and top to bottom or elite.  It also highlights the obstacles these activists face due to various social norms and oppressive structures.