A parliamentary debate on deterioration of human security in the Jaffna Peninsula, North of Sri Lanka, was held on 20 January. Early media coverage of the debate suggested the government was playing down concerns over the deterioration of human security, and heated exchanges between government and opposition MPs. The number of reports on murders and abductions in the Northern Province just over the past month suggest a disturbing breakdown in the rule of law. Networking for Rights (NfR) in a statement expressed “serious concern” about the deterioration of the law and order.

“The series of killings that have taken place during the last few weeks in the Jaffna Peninsula raises the question whether death squads have been reactivated in the Jaffna Peninsula.”

Groundviews received the video of the parliamentary debate today. The debate is oftentimes interrupted by the characteristic shouting and inflammatory remarks across benches. This video captures the submissions by the TNA and UNP, plus responses by Government and reveals partisan faultlines and differences in perception that colour post-war Sri Lanka’s appreciation of human security, the rule of law and indeed, democracy.