Colombo, Disabilities, Human Rights

The rights of the disabled in Sri Lanka: Marginal or mainstream?

As part of our video series for human rights day 2009 (falling on 10 December), Groundviews interviewed Sunethra Bandaranaike, Chairperson of the Sunera Foundation. With the interrogation of human rights in Sri Lanka often solely focussing on violations of political rights, Groundviews sought to focus attention on disability and the rights of the disabled in our country.

Sunethra speaks on legal and institutional challenges impeding the protection of the rights of the disabled, as well as our myopic perception of the disabled, with resulting policies and practices that do not recognise or value their special needs and rights. Sunethra also comes out very strongly in support of youth and young people championing human rights and standing up against continuing violations.

Also watch Finally, disabled friendly buildings in Sri Lanka! for Sunethra’s take on the recent Supreme Court ruling which ordered all public buildings to be constructed in the future to be easily accessible to disabled persons. The Court further ordered that such buildings should be facilitated with adequate sanitary facilities for such persons.