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The Travelling Circus: A different take on IDPs in Sri Lanka

Interview with Tracy Holsinger from Centre for Policy Alternatives on Vimeo.

Groundviews recently spoke to Tracy Holsinger of Mind Adventures and Mike Masilamani (Masii) about the upcoming production of ‘The Travelling Circus’, devised and adapted from Mike’s short story, ‘The Boy Who Spoke in Numbers‘. Tracy’s adaptation of the short story for stage deals with the political and social problems in Sri Lanka at present and also ventures, comprehensively, into the subject of IDPs.

Interview with Mike Masilamani from Centre for Policy Alternatives on Vimeo.

Tracy and Mike highlighted the importance of theatre in engaging with the narratives of the country as well as the moral and political dilemmas that prevail in our society. The production is a refreshing approach in engaging the discourses that surround the IDPs of Sri Lanka at present and one where theatre will quite assertively make its voice heard on the issue.

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