IDPs and Refugees, Mannar, Peace and Conflict

Fate of the Displaced – Mannar

As soon as the security forces arrived at Arrippu, in September 2007, we were escorted out of our villages, some with personal belongings many with only what they were wearing. We sheltered at Nanattan School for 15 days. We made a request to the area commander through our GA Mn & DS Nananattan to resettle us in our native place.

First they said that they would allow us to go to our village with in a month. Then they said after 06 months. Finally they said that they would resettle us when The Defense Ministry would give an order only they would allow us to go. We still remain IDPs unable to go back to our villages.

Since we engage in fishing at Achankullam Nannattan, we temporarily settled down there. On 22.04.08 our sons Mr. Rongalin age 20 & Mr.Sutherson Peries age 22, went to Nannattan to take photo graphs for navy identity cards around 3.30 pm.

While they were returning from Nanattan to Achankullam at 5.30 pm, unidentified men, who came in a motor cycle shot them with a pistol at Karrunkamurrippu which is located between Achankullam & Nanattan. An army sentry point is just one km from this place.              

My son Mr. Rongalin was the bread winner of my (Mr. Justin’s) family. As I am a paralyzed patient I could not do any work. My family faced untold hardship. There are no words to express my untold hardship.

Mr.Sutherson Peries was the only son in Mr. Susaiappu’s family who has 03 daughters, who are yet to be married.. And the family was dependant on his earnings. We lost their properties & wealth when we were displaced. We can bear the loss of property and other materialistic things, but how are we to bear the loss of these two children. This never ending war is plucking so many youngsters and leaving the older generation in despair and worthless. When will this suffering end?

Narrated by two displaced fathers from Arrippu Mannar, Musali IDPS