Human Rights, Peace and Conflict


PLEDGE (plĕj) A solemn binding promise to do, give, or refrain from doing something…

UN official says Sri Lanka pledges to improve security, access for aid workers

President pledges full commitment to protect Human Rights

Foreign donors pledge to uphold international standards in aid delivery

The UNF Government led by Prime Minster Ranil Wickremesinghe wins Parliamentary elections on a pledge to open talks with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

Govt emphasises preventive measures, pledges effective action against violations

India pledges help on Lanka peace

By dedicating yourself to regularly refill the lamp and keep up a continuous flame of hope for twelve hours, you will show your solidarity to this important agreement and your individual pledge to peace in this nation.

China, Sri Lanka Pledge Closer Ties

LTTE pledges no more child soldiers by year end

Amnesty International urges LTTE to live up to its pledge to end child recruitment.

the United States will pledge an additional $54 million to this effortSri Lanka rebels pledge non-violence

New president pledges peace for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka pledges to be relentless in war against LTTE