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Robberies Increase In Jaffna

Gun-point robberies have increased in Jaffna. Town area houses are robbed day or night and even during curfew time. Last week some robbers went to a house during the day, introduced themselves as being from the CID dept and said they wanted to search the house. After they left a camera, money and a mobile phone were missing.

Day before yesterday some robbers went to a restaurant and robbed at gun point. Sometimes the robbers sexually harass women as well.

One month back some robbers robbed a house in Kalvianakadu. The house owner shouted thief and neighbours gathered and chased them away and caught one of them. The villagers assaulted the robber and he died as a result.

A Jaffna library laborer is in police custody now. He was one of the people who beat the robber. Now Police have arrested him and magistrate has ordered that he be remanded.