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Jaffna Prices At MPCS Now Higher Than When Taxed

Jaffna people are now paying a higher price for essential things than when they were taken through the land route and taxed by the LTTE. Now essential items are taken to Jaffna by ship and sold through the MPCS (Multipurpose Cooperative Society) for ration.
The prices are higher than the marketprice when they were taxed by LTTE.
Before the landroute closed all the things taken to Jaffna by land. Normally LTTE imposed 15% duty for the essential things but everything was nevertheless sold at market prices in line with Colombo prices.
Some pharmacies even sold the baby milk powder and baby infant lower than the market price eg 135.00 marked Cerelac sold for 128.00 rs. Those days some people criticised Jaffna people for paying double tax but the Jaffna people purchased everything at market pricees. A Correspondent asked the Jaffna G.A who decide the prices, he replied Ministry of Essential Services decide the prices.
Before Aug 11th Now
(Mark price)
Nespray 163.00 175.00
Anchor 163.00 175.00
Lakspray 154.00 155.00
Cerelac 200.00 210.00
Sunlight 22.00 26.00 (markprice 20.00)
Lifebuoy 22.00 27.00
Soyameat30.00 38.00
Moscuito coil30.00 39.00
Noodles 24.00 28.00
Tin milk 100.00 106.00
Normally milk powder companies given 10.00% discount to the retail sellers, The other things some companies given 20.00% commission. If anybody purhase more than 500 boxes (case) they are entitled to additional commission and bonus.
Who take the commision? Sri Lanka is territorial Democratic Socialist Republic, Jaffna is also one of the administrative districts. How has the Essential service ministry decided additional money for Jaffna only? Is Jaffna seperated or divided from Sri lanka?