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Jaffna People Back To Barter Business

Jaffna people back to age-old barter business. After the land route closed all the things distributed through the MPCS including milk powder. Last week one packet of milk powder was issued to a family. The milk powder stock is not enough.

A person got baby milk, but he needed full cream milk powder, while another person had full cream milk but he needed baby milk powder. Both of them exchanged.

Another person had nestomalt but he needed milk powder to prepare tea so he exchanged it with a person who had milk but his Doctor had adviced him to take nestomalt since he had an attack of chikun kunniya.

House rent advertisements published in Jaffna newspapers have also changed. After the cease fire agreement some advertisements published in Jaffna newspapers were for houses wanted in the municipal council limits. Now the advertisements publish houses for rent. After the CFA people came back to their homes in Jaffna, those who settled in Colombo,Trincomalee and Vavuniya. Now the Jaffna people leaving Jaffna and trying to settle in Colombo. Most of the Jaffna people waiting to leave Jaffna have registered their names in the Civil affairs office.