This year marks the twentieth death anniversary of Rajini Thiranagama, doctor, lecturer, feminist and human rights defender, and the first death anniversary of human rights lawyer and political activist Maheshwari Velauthan. The former was shot dead by the LTTE as she cycled home to her children after presiding over an Anatomy examination, the latter shot […]


The degree of denial of Prabhakaran’s death within the expatriate Tamil consciousness is the best evidence of the pathology of Tamil ultra-nationalism. Rohana Wijeweera’s followers were fanatics, but when their leader was gone, they did not go into mass denial. The hardcore elements of the Tamil Diaspora really have to get their heads around it: […]

India, Sri Lanka and the Minority Question

Spontaneous street parties broke out, fireworks crackled in the air and strangers offered flowers to  soldiers to celebrate the news in Colombo – Asia’s Idi Amin was no more! One of the Indian subcontinent’s longest wars was at an end. The day before, street parties in New Delhi had celebrated the victory of the Congress […]

The Sinhala conquest of the Tamil nation

[Editors note: The Poverty of Michael Roberts’ Enlightened Humanitarianism by Martin White, read over 900 times to date, elicited a number of responses among which were those of Nicolai. It is Nicolai’s last response that Martin White takes up at length here.) Sorry for my delay, Nicolai. Although events have moved on dramatically in the […]

End of the LTTE and future of the Tamil Struggle

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) which claimed to be the sole representatives of Tamil people, one of the most feared and considered as one of the most ruthless terrorist organizations in the world is vanquished. LTTE guerillas who once considered them in an equal footing with the SLA are silenced with their first […]

Interview with a leading Buddhist priest on whether the LTTE is really finished and the war over in Sri Lanka

Vikalpa Video asked Ven. Prof. Bellanvila Vimalarathana Thero for his opinion on whether the LTTE was really finished and the war over in Sri Lanka. Ven. Prof. Bellanvila Vimalarathana Thero is the Chief Priest of the Bellanwila Rajamaha Viharaya. This interview was recorded one week ago, before the dramatic events over the past few days. […]

Memories of War, Dreams of Peace

The long and bloody Sri Lankan war is over, and not a moment too soon. I really want to believe it. The alternative is too depressing to consider. Of course, there is no independent verification – it has been a war without witnesses for the past many months, with no journalists or humanitarian workers allowed […]

The celebrations in Colombo after Prabhakaran’s demise

Video shot on the streets of Colombo and its suburbs on 18th May 2009. For related videos, please visit Is the LTTE really finished and the War over? on Vikalpa’s YouTube Channel. For live and regular updates from the ground in Colombo and for live soundbites from the President’s speech on 19th May 2009 (Tuesday), […]

Prabhakaran is dead – join debates on what next for Sri Lanka

From the Ministry of Defence website: LTTE defeated; Sri Lanka liberated from terror Sri Lankan armed force have militarily defeated the LTTE and freed the nation from three decades of terror, Army Chief Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka announced. Meanwhile, defence sources on the battlefront said all top LTTE leaders were believed to be killed during […]

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