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Implementing LLRC recommendations in Sri Lanka: Progress?

Image via Sri Lanka Brief Sri Lanka has achieved considerable progress in implementing the recommendations made by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) and ready to defend its record at the next session in Geneva, Foreign Secretary Karunathilaka Amunugama said. So says the President’s Media Unit. We are a tad less sanguine. Even a […]

Prageeth Ekneligoda: A 3 year struggle to find husband, father, cartoonist and journalist

Image courtesy Vikalpa I had never met Prageeth Ekneligoda. But after he disappeared, on 24th Jan. 2010, I read some of his articles. I found them to be thought provoking and cover many issues related to freedom of expression, human rights in general, democracy etc. But what struck me most was some of his cartoons. […]

Book Review: The Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Image courtesy National Youth Front A Genre Defying Future Classic on the Psyche of a Republic A contemporary masterpiece that interweaves fact, fiction and fantasy with seamless and vibrant prose, the Constitution is a must read for all literature lovers. The Constitution was first published in 1978 in not one, but three languages – the […]

Father Tissa Balsuriya’s struggle for social justice will continue in Sri Lanka

Photo courtesy the late Fr. Tissa’s blog We heard the sad news that the internationally acclaimed Sri Lankan catholic priest and theologian Father Tissa Balasuriya (Fr Tissa) has passed away. His exertions on the Catholic Church about the nature of Jesus Christ and his teachings, and how to adjust to the realities of life in the […]

Sri Lanka’s Descent Towards Oppression

All photos by the author. Click on each for higher resolution version. Sri Lanka’s descent towards an oppressive State is far from complete; however, recent actions carried out by the government have shown that this is progressing rapidly towards such a regime. Media censorship, impeachment of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and intimidation […]

Waning Economic Euphoria and the Impending Crisis of Governance

  Photo courtesy Media Centre for National Development of Sri Lanka The immediate post-civil war years of 2010 and 2011 in Sri Lanka were trumpeted as record-breaking eight percent or greater annual real growth rate of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for two consecutive years including the highest ever economic growth rate of 8.3% recorded […]

The devastating impeachment of the Chief Justice in Sri Lanka: Interview with Asanga Welikala

Image courtesy The Hindu Groundviews interviewed Asanga Welikala, a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Policy Alternatives (the institutional anchor of this website) on the unprecedented constitutional crisis that has gripped Sri Lanka. Over the years, Asanga’s appeared many times on Groundviews, including most recently, speaking about the dynamics of constitution making in Sri Lanka […]

Appointment of the new Chief Justice in Sri Lanka: Resistance should continue

Photo by AFP/ Ishara S. Kodikara, via Arab News ‘We won’t allow you to let the judiciary go to hell. We won’t allow you to do that.’ – (Mathiaparanan Abraham Sumanthiran MP) No self-respecting person with integrity, or a shred of concern for justice should accept the President’s offer to become the next Chief Justice of […]

Militarized charity and land grabbing: Experience of Keppapulavu in the Vanni

Photo by author from Menik Farm: The tragic end of a bitter saga, from detention to forced relocation I read with interest the article by Amal de Chickera titled “Racing Tanks with Bicycles: A Parable of ‘Reconciliation’ in Sri Lanka” and response to this by Sri Lanka Unites (SLU). I had often struggled with issues […]

An unprecedented constitutional crisis in Sri Lanka elicits a yawn

Sri Lanka’s Parliament debated the impeachment of the country’s Chief Justice over two days last week. In the course of these debates, and akin to the critical submissions by him during the equally chaotic and pivotal debate on the 18th Amendment in September 2010, Tamil National Alliance MP M.A. Sumanthiran delivered one of the most […]

The Republic at 40: Four decades of constitution (un)making in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Republic at 40: Reflections on Constitutional History, Theory and Practice is a collection of scholarly essays marking the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Sri Lankan Republic in 1972, edited by Asanga Welikala. Spanning two volumes and at over 1,100 pages, this is not a tome that can be compressed into […]

The consequences of the Black Friday impeachment will be game changing

Image by AP, courtesy The Hindu The Black Friday impeachment is another shameful day in the history of our country. The absolute majority in parliament obtained through dubious means has been used once again by this government to deny justice to the chief justice of our country and undermine the independence of the judiciary. It […]

A legal primer: The impeachment of the Chief Justice in Sri Lanka

Photo from MSN News Groundviews interviewed Luwie Ganeshathasan, a Researcher in the Legal and Constitutional Unit of the Centre for Policy Alternatives (the institutional home of this website), on several key issues arising from the impeachment proceedings against the current Chief Justice of Sri Lanka, Shirani Bandaranayake. ### Is there provision in the constitution to […]