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Post Arbour

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour has concluded her visit to Sri Lanka. At the conclusion of her visit she released a press statement, the highlights of which are worth reiterating since they profile the continuing problem of human rights protection in Sri Lanka today. The relevant sections of the statement are: Quoting […]

Louise Arbour and Mahinda Rajapakse

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is finally in the island, due, in no small measure, to the campaign of local civil society and international human rights organisations to get the government to invite her to Sri Lanka. This has happened despite the threat and invective directed against local civil society ranging from the […]


Much has been said and written about the UNP’s supposed abandonment of federalism during the past week. Much of it completely misses the point. Whatever are the politics and motivations behind the UNP’s statement, in terms of the substantive contours of a possible constitutional settlement it delineates, there is nothing to suggest that the party […]

One step forward, two steps back

Pradeep Peiris, Anupama M. Ranawana October 2007-10-03 Ranil Wickremasinghe has been labelled as the United National Party’s most unsuccessful leader to date. Whether you agree with this statement or not, it is a solid fact that this gentleman has lost a total of twelve elections during his tenure as UNP chief. Mrs. Kumaratunge probably felt […]

The Government’s farcical international relations

The traditional Sinhala press has failed to report on the unmitigated farce that constituted the President’s recent visit to New York and the United Nations and the dire state of Sri Lanka’s international relations and diplomacy in general. My article brings out some of the salient points. For example, that friends and relatives of the […]

On the UNP’s “Repositioning”

The announcement by the United National Party (UNP) that it is “repositioning” itself on the issue of a political settlement of the ethnic conflict has been received with praise for pragmatism in certain quarters but mostly consternation, disappointment and confusion in others. The UNP which in government was party to the Oslo Declaration of 2002 […]

Federalism or Nationalism? Fears and Promises

Many states, especially in the developing world are torn between entrenched mononationalism and the need to keep with the changing world. It is precisely because the ultimate aim of all human efforts should be to help shape the world into a better and safe place for all, that the normative value of the study of […]

When the architects demur

“My party will act on principles and on behalf of the masses until it emerges victorious” – Ranil Wickremasinghe to media persons at Katunayake International Airport upon his return from a tour of India and Nepal in February 2007 during which time 18 UNP dissidents crossed over to join the Rajapakse Government. The frenzy over […]

The heroine of democracy and the monks revolution

My article is in solidarity with the on-going peoples uprising in Myanmar (Burma), led by the Buddhist clergy. In their hundreds of thousands, they have marched across the country and in the capitol Rangoon, to demonstrate against the brutal military junta that denies them democratic governance and basic human freedoms. I examine the history of […]

Karuna Leaves The Country

TMVP leader V.Muralitharan alias Karuna leaves country to Briton few days ago leaving Pillayan for TMVP administration says several sources. At the same time Moulana reappointed as TMVP spokesman in place of Mahesh. Karuna, Pillayan issue was big headache for government and other anti LTTE groups earlier, as well as inside the TMVP. Few cadres […]

Another face of corruption – The breakdown of the medical profession

My article deals with the decrepit condition of the medical profession in Sri Lanka today. Notwithstanding the dedication of some in the profession, the overwhelming perception is that the profession is reaked in corruption and malpractice. I include in my article several anecdotes I heard recently regarding the levels of corruption amongst doctors. There are […]

Are We Going to Make the Same Mistake After 35 Years?

The discussions at the All-Party Representative Committee (APRC) have taken a significant turn in the last two three weeks and its indefatigable chairman, Minister Tissa Vitharana, appears to have given in to the pressure of the Sinhala nationalist elements. All the signals show that the APRC final report would suggest that the unitary character of […]

Rupavahini, Ranil and the media

My article රෑපවාහිනය, රනිල් සහ ජනමාධ්‍ය (Rupavahini, Ranil and the media) brings to light the decrepit nature of State media through a recent personal encounter. Promised that my response to Rupavahini on a recent statement made by Ranil Wickremesinghe criticizing three key Editors of newspapers, I was deeply saddened to note that the broadcast censored […]