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Media responsibility, the right to know what goes on in our own backyards & other such nonsense

The Media’s responsibility in securing it’s own freedom Despite my horror for cynicism, I find myself defeated into just that. While I would like to confine my ranting to discourses with my imaginary friend, reading Ruki’s post From the Tiger’s Den to an Open Prison and the comments made to it just tipped the scale […]

Groundviews on Twitter

New content notification on Groundviews is now available through Twitter. If you have no clue what that means, check out the video below.  Twitter joins the Groundviews Facebook Fan page as a way through which content on the site is pushed to different audiences using Web 2.0 technologies. In addition to easily notifying those who […]

How high is our Social Esteem in Sri Lanka?

Our self esteem is central to our survival.  Yet, we do not value its importance as we face life’s challenges.  Self esteem, whether our own or others’, is strengthened or takes a beating, through the way people communicate with each other.  This communication is based on our power in relation to others.  So, the more […]

Groundviews back online, with new features and enhanced for mobile phones

Groundviews is fully back online after an upgrade of its back-end content management system to the latest version of WordPress. While the site looks and feels the same, improvements under the hood make it more secure, responsive and easier to use. There are also several significant new features to the site: You now no longer […]


The constitutional reform debate in Sri Lanka is in a particularly enervated state as we approach the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, with a government in power that displays that bizarre concoction of procrustean infantilism that so characterised the Jayewardene and Premadasa attitudes to constitutional government and democracy: its thinking juvenile, its methods menacing. This […]

Fear: A Personal Experience in Sri Lanka

By Benita Sumita “Beware of suspicious looking objects” – this is a commonly heard public announcement these days in airports, markets and metro stations from New Delhi to London to downtown Chicago. One cannot escape the voice of the sweet lady reminding us of the volatile and precarious times we live in. There is a […]

The Other Out There

By Chandrika Yesterday one of my overzealous office buddies forwarded to me a sensational photograph (as she thought) of half of a mangled bomb victim who happened to have been a prominent public figure; I told her off for it but when I walked around the office I found clumps of my colleagues staring at […]