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LTTE and Tamil People I : Preamble

This set of essays on “LTTE and Tamil People” submitted to Groundviews is a sequel to the four articles on “Suicidal Political Action” reproduced in from 2 April onwards. Both sets of essays are interconnected and involve a measure of repetition because they are set out as separate articles. All of them are a […]

Dr. Devanesan Nesiah on post-war / post-LTTE Sri Lanka

Image courtesy TransCurrents Dr. Devanesan Nesiah in response to a question posed by Groundviews on the most important issue(s) in a ‘post-LTTE’ context and how can the State address it, writes in with a compelling critique of politics and conflict resolution in Sri Lanka. Tamil politics will indeed have to shed any secessionist or other […]

A thought for the IDPs in the camps

It is hard for those who have no access to the camps in the North to form a realistic opinion on the plight of the over 65,000 refugees who are supposed to bestuck in an ‘event horizon’ inside them. While the authorities paint quite a rosy picture of it, their detractors seek to discredit the […]

Sri Lanka’s IDP camp Manik Farm is what it is (but what is that?)

Most of the arguments about Manik Farm (and other transit camps in the North of Sri Lanka) seem to get stuck on definitions and comparisons.  Is it a concentration camp?  Is it like the camps run by the Nazis or old colonial powers?  I believe these debates miss the most important question: what is the […]

Truth, more bitter than fiction for IDPs in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, there are events in motion that have created just the perfect environment for “event-horizons”. An “event-horizon” in the movies is usually a black-hole where any hapless space faring vessel when caught, has to go through a slowing down in time. Hapless people caught in its fringes are unable to escape due to […]


Let me get this right. Two hundred and thirteen years since the first British colonial ships landed in Sri Lanka, a ship is setting sail from Britain, launched at an event with banners and posters (Vanangaman: “Mercy Mission to Wanni” ) bearing the map of Tamil Eelam, patronized by politicians and personalities of the former […]

Dutugemunu in war should remain Dutugemunu in peace

The question posed by Groundviews, “What is the most important issue facing the peoples of Sri Lanka in a ‘post-LTTE’ context and how can the State address it?” is very complex. It is hard to answer it succinctly as requested. Besides ‘post LTTE’ is a debatable presumption and limiting the focus of addressing it to […]

Einstein was a Refugee

Refugees are sometimes active have agency they Leave, Flee, Sneak Flow over boundary lines unchecked like rivers they Escape, Hide Cross territories they Flood places like unnatural disasters are associated with Asylum and Sanctuary they are A Problem An Issue Sometimes they have a voice if only passive they become Internally displaced (slightly more dignified) […]

The Nationalist Epidemic

Nationalism, a decisive force of the modern and international politics is one of the most ambiguous terms existing due to lack of and difficulty in forming a proper definition. This difficulty is mostly rendered by the general acceptance of nationalism being a political movement. As a political movement with its known flexibility, it has embraced […]

National flags and the symbolism of accomodating minorities

This is a reaction to Saman’s comment on the article The Needs of the Hour by Professor Michael Roberts. Saman says that Sri Lanka flag has accommodated minorities, and asks: “looking at other world flags, interesting to see how many countries have been so inclusive… (oh yes.. british, india, malaysia…???)” I will briefly explain about […]

Where We Are and Where To?

“War is the highest form of struggle for resolving contradictions, when they have developed to a certain stage, between classes, nations, states, or political groups, and it has existed ever since the emergence of private property and of classes” said Mao . Thus, a civil war in Sri Lanka which is a capitalist economy with […]

The Lethal, the Legal, the Legitimate: Frames of our future?

An IANS report from Puducherry, March 25 read as follows: ‘Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi Wednesday said he was not ‘particularly fond’ of Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers because they killed his father Rajiv Gandhi. He told a press conference here: “The LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) is a terrorist group. I am not particularly […]