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Post-War Sri Lanka: Way Forward or More of the Same?

Without peace, there is no development; without development there is no peace, President Rajapaksa has said. Yet, for the overwhelming majority of the population he presides over, life is quite harsh under the growing burden of the militarisation of the economy and society. Despite rhetoric on the devolution of power about 50,000 Tamils are still […]

Has journalist J.S. Tissanaiyagam really received a Presidential pardon?

The External Affairs Minister, Prof. G.L. Peiris, who has absolutely nothing to do with the judiciary, claimed at his first press briefing yesterday – 3 May – that President has DECIDED to pardon journalist J.S. Tissainayagam, who was ruled guilty by the HC of Colombo and sentenced to 20 years rigorous imprisonment. The Minister for […]

The future of tourism in Sri Lanka: A conversation with Renton de Alwis

Renton de Alwis was one time Chairman for Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau. As noted on this website, he has over 35 years experience in marketing, communications and tourism related areas, having worked in an international environment covering over 30 countries. In this interview we talk about the future of tourism in Sri Lanka. Renton […]

Curated list of best Twitter accounts by Sri Lankan bloggers

Visit to read updates from Sri Lanka’s leading bloggers. Resident in the country as well as in the diaspora, these Twitter feeds feature updates ranging from the quirky and personal to the incisive and political. This list complements our curated news sources on Twitter.

Curated list of the best Twitter accounts on Sri Lanka

Visit to access some of the best Twitter feeds on Sri Lanka, providing a range of news, analysis, situation updates, opinion and critical links. The list already features feeds from independent and citizen media in English and Sinhala, mainstream print media, leading journalists, youth leaders, academe and election monitoring updates (as and when elections […]

A response to “News websites caught red-handed doctoring video to make president look racist”

A news item on Lakbima News titled News websites caught red-handed doctoring video to make president look racist has this to say of Groundviews. “Websites such as Groundviews exacerbated the situation by saying there was confusing reportage, not highlighting the obvious doctoring which was apparent to anybody listening to the video soundtrack and the clip. […]

Online journalism is the way forward, but tell this to Sri Lankan media companies

GROSS PLAGIARISM BY NIBRAS BAWA, AUTHOR OF THIS POST A sharp reader alerted Groundviews that this article contains plagiarised content. Upon further inspection, we discovered that entire portions of the article have been copied verbatim from other web sources. This is a clear violation of site guidelines, and we sincerely apologise to the original content […]

The Slide in Sri Lanka

The 24th of February marked the first month anniversary of the disappearance of Prageeth Ekneligoda, the Lanka E-News journalist. Two special Police teams are said to be on the case.  They have however, not come up with any information as to Ekneligoda’s whereabouts. Ekneligoda’s disappearance is yet another statistic of shame in the long list […]

Interview with Prof. Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David, an electrical engineer by training, regular columnist in traditional print media and a frequent commentator on Groundviews, talks about what’s left of leftist politics in Sri Lanka, the end of war and its impact on Tamil diaspora juxtaposed against th autocratic and essentially one-party rule in Sri Lanka. I also asked him […]

Interview with Ameena Hussein

Ameena Hussein is one of Sri Lanka’s best known English authors. She is also one half of the Perera Hussein Publishing House, that since 2003 has published some of the best new English writing in the country. The Moon in the Water, Ameena’s first novel, was long-listed for the first Man Asian Literary Award in […]

The ‘Sinhala-Nationalist’s Burden’

Mr. Gomin Dayasiri’s article, titled ‘Tamil Grievances – Untouched & Unattended’ (Daily Mirror, 16 February 2010) reveals the Sinhala nationalist perspective concerning the kind of solution necessary for the resolution of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. It is an important piece, written by a respected senior lawyer, a nationalist. The author points to some […]

Exceptional responses to questions from media

Groundviews was able to obtain an audio recording of an exchange between Swiss journalist Karin Wenger and a well-known, senior journalist now part of the Presidential Media Unit (PMU). Karin’s visa and media accreditation to cover the Sri Lankan presidential election was revoked after she asked several questions from government representatives at an official press […]