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Concerned Tamils, but what about the rest?

I read with interest the concerns of a group of Tamils on the situation of IDPs and their suggestions for a speedy recovery of a human tragedy. However, I am a little concerned and in fact unhappy why only a group of Tamils should be concerned? Aren’t the Sinhalese, Muslims, Malays and Burghers not concerned […]

Setting the record straight: Challenges of internment for IDPs

I was surprised to see that a piece I wrote recently for Groundviews was mentioned prominently in two articles in the Island last Saturday and Sunday. Since the original article was not published in the Island, and since the rejoinders misrepresent my argument in various ways, I would like to take this opportunity to set […]

Divining peace

“All too often it is innocent men, women and children who pay the price of war. We cannot ask them to pay the price of peace.” Report of the Secretary-General on peacebuilding in the immediate aftermath of conflict, United Nations This morning, as I was writing this column, I noticed a strange pattern of tea-leaves […]


You claimed to liberate hostages, to conduct the largest rescue operation in history. In other countries people robbed of freedoms, rescued, are treated by doctors, then sent home to be greeted usually by feisty and jubilant crowds. They are welcomed as heroes. Here, 100 Tamils share one latrine, women don´t eat so they will not […]

An eye-witness account of IDP camp conditions in Sri Lanka

[Editors note: The dire conditions of internment in camps that are home to well over a quarter of a million fellow citizens are unknown to many. Fears of inflammatory and inaccurate journalism, as defined and seen by the government, debar independent media from access to these camps even after the end of war. Rohini Hensman’s […]

The IDP situation in Sri Lanka: Let’s keep things real and a response to Rohini Hensman

[Editors note: This article was published in The Sunday Island on 28 June 2009. Groundviews does not usually reproduce content first published elsewhere in print or online. In this case however, given that the Island’s website has no mechanism to feature reader generated comments and because Rohini Hensman’s article was exclusively published on this site, […]

Why are the Vanni civilians still being held hostage?

Image courtesy IRIN Throughout the last stages of the civil war, the government of Sri Lanka claimed to be engaged in a hostage rescue mission on behalf of civilians in the Vanni who were being held against their will be the LTTE. How far are its words borne out by its actions? It is certainly […]

End of the LTTE and future of the Tamil Struggle

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) which claimed to be the sole representatives of Tamil people, one of the most feared and considered as one of the most ruthless terrorist organizations in the world is vanquished. LTTE guerillas who once considered them in an equal footing with the SLA are silenced with their first […]

Memories of War, Dreams of Peace

The long and bloody Sri Lankan war is over, and not a moment too soon. I really want to believe it. The alternative is too depressing to consider. Of course, there is no independent verification – it has been a war without witnesses for the past many months, with no journalists or humanitarian workers allowed […]

Fear Psychosis, State of our Nation, Terrorism and Sri Lanka, our Motherland

Double standards as it may seem Lasantha’s murder was a rude awakening for many, including me. Why I call it a double standard is that many lives were previously lost and I chose to ignore it under the justification of national pride and war for the sake of our country’s sovereignty. Well at least I […]

Breaking news: BNR discovers through CNN poll that International Community undecided on intervening in Sri Lanka

12 May 2009, Colombo, Sri Lanka: The International Community is expressing its concern over the deaths of thousands of civilians including at least one hundred children who are caught between the crossfire as fighting raged between the Sri Lankan Armed Forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) an internationally proscribed terrorist outfit. In […]

A difference of 3 days: V. Anandasangaree on the killing of Tamil civilians in the Vanni

Vikalpa Video recorded on Thursday 7th May 2009, as part of its current series on the LTTE and the end to the war in Sri Lanka, an interview with prominent Tamil politician, leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) and vocal critic of the LTTE Mr. Veerasingham Anandasangaree. Mr. Anandasangaree in these two interviews […]

The abduction, assault, arrest and defamation of the Sudar Oli Editor: Questions for the Sri Lankan Government

The police informed courts they have no charges against Mr. Vithyatharan the Editor of both Sudar Oli and Uthayan news papers, after detaining him for two months. On 24th of April, he was acquitted by Courts. He was taken in for investigations by the Colombo Crime Division (CCD) in relation to the suicide air attacks […]