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Sri Lanka on tsunami alert after Indonesia quake (Updated)

12 Sep 2007 12:31:03 GMT Source: Reuters COLOMBO, Sept 12 (Reuters) – Sri Lanka issued a tsunami alert on Wednesday for its north, south and eastern districts following a major earthquake in Indonesia, the National Disaster Management Centre said. “We have issued a warning for the south, north and east after the quake,” Keerthi Ekanayake, […]

Wars and Waves: Sri Lanka’s internally displaced

The 28 minute documentary “Wars and Waves: Sri Lanka’s internally displaced” that was produced by COHRE, and directed and written by me, is available online. There was a small private launch a week ago in Colombo. COHRE plans to do a larger public screening followed by a discussion in the coming weeks. The purpose of […]

Voices of Reconciliation Radio – New Content

Tune in and turn up the volume! VOR Radio aims to enhance social, political and cultural cohesion in Sri Lanka through podcasts in Sinhala, Tamil and English with a special focus on civil society initiatives and perspectives on peace, reconciliation and democracy. Some of the latest additions to our growing collection of podcasts from Sri […]

නැගනහිර යූද්ධය තූල තනීවූ සාමෙය් නගරය.

ශූීලංකාව තූල තවමත් අැදීයන ෙමි ඊළාමි යුද්්්්ධය ට දැන් වසර 26 ක් ගතවි තිෙබි.ෙමම වසර 26 තුල යුද්ධෙයන් බැට කෑ අහිංසක ඡනතාවෙග් අවසන් බලාෙපාෙරාත්තුවද දැන් ෙකෙමන් ෙකෙමන් දියෙවන්නට පටන් ෙගන අැත. ෙමම ඊළාමි යුද්ධෙයන් බැට කෑ තවත් එක් දිස්තිුක්කයක් ගැන ෙසායා බැලිෙමි අරමුණින් අප ෙමි සංචාරය අාරමිභ කරන ලදි. සමස්තයක් වශෙයන් ගත් කල නැගනහිර පළාෙත් […]

Whiter justice? – The killing of Thillainayagam Theeban

Photo credit: Video Image, Sri Lanka Media Helping Media features a poignant submission by Nalaka Gunawardene on the murder of Thillainayagam Theeban. As noted in the article: Theeban, 16 at the time of his death, was one of eight survivor children in four Asian countries that TVE Asia Pacific tracked for one year under the […]

“We need a revolution in Sri Lanka!” – A brief chat with Sam de Silva

Photo credit: Nazreen Sansoni “on one level, Sri Lanka needs a revolution to really change what’s going on here. There is such a domination by the powers that be… there needs to be a real uprising. How to actually get an “enlightened uprising”, to use a term from the film, is the tricky part.” I […]

Human displacement

Two posts on DBS Jeyraj’s blog highlight aspects of the humanitarian crisis in the North and the East already flagged here. Civilians in Vaakarai face death and starvation Displaced Tamils face difficulties in B’caloa Coupled with the severe displacement of civilians on account of the recent landslides in the Hill Country, Sri Lanka in 2007 […]

Situation in Vakarai

About 25,000 refugees in the Vakarai region of Batticaloa need assistance urgently in terms of food, medicines, shelter, water and sanitation. They have been facing shortages for over a month, and I received my information from refugees who had left from Vakarai about 4 days ago. The government sector is also not functioning so there […]