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“Believable Change” with unbelievable contradictions: Sarath Fonseka’s manifesto

[Authors note: Please also read Part 1 of this article, “Believable Change” with unbelievable evasiveness: Sarath Fonseka’s manifesto] The much awaited manifesto of General (Rtd) Fonseka the Common Candidate launched on 7January which proves the Opposition Alliance is too loose to offer the people the “Believable Change” its campaign leaders are promising on platform, is […]

The murder of Lasantha Wickremetunge: A letter to the President and a record of shame

[Editors note: The following text is from a speech at the Platform for Freedom event commemorating Lasantha Wickremetunge’s brutal murder a year ago. The widow of the slain editor, Sonali Samarasinghe Wickrematunge, also sent a strongly worded letter to President Mahinda Rajapaksa on 4th January 2010, which can be read in full here. Both the text […]

Urgent National Security Overhaul in Sri Lanka

10 January 2010, Colombo, Sri Lanka – The government in an emergency press briefing today, announced that it will take steps to overhaul the national security strategy of the island. The government defence spokesman, Minister Kokila Bathalahitawanna admitted that a post-war review of the defence plan had exposed glaring gaps in the national security strategy […]

The Shocking Behaviour of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

With frustrated resignation, Sri Lankans are used to how government departments (the Police in particular) and public property are misused and abused by the party in power during elections for partisan advantage. For sheer insouciance though, the emergent new kid on the block during this presidential election, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRC), […]

“Believable Change” with unbelievable evasiveness: Sarath Fonseka’s manifesto

Part 1 The presidential election manifesto of the opposition Common Candidate General (Rtd) Sarath Fonseka was released on 7 January, 2009 at a media launch in Colombo, titled “Believable Change”.  He says “I am different. I am change. I will bring about believable change” writing for himself, in the manifesto in which he tries to […]

The Future Tamil Politics

Eelam War IV shattered and devastated Tamils social, economical, cultural and political structural factors. These four structural factors were corner stone’s of the Tamil National Struggle and were intricately interconnected to each other. These became primary targets during the war and were destroyed. To give this research paper a focus and due to contextual developments […]

One year later: A murder unresolved, a government unashamed

Maybe we are numb too Though it’s warm and all we have today Is a cloudy sky Death at Noon, Vivimarie Vanderpoorten Lasantha Wickremetunge, the Editor of the Sunday Leader and one of Sri Lanka’s best known and most senior journalists, was killed in broad daylight one year ago. As we noted on the site […]

Concerns of first time voters in the 2010 presidential elections

In the upcoming presidential election a new voter base will be in play. A generation of first time voters whose futures will depend on the winner of next month’s election, are faced with deciding which candidate has the right vision to take this country forward and more importantly the credibility that would ensure the implementation […]

TNA’s Failure to Seize the Moment: Who Will Fill the Vacuum?

The TNA’s ability to negotiate a comprehensive devolution package for the Tamil community with either Mahinda Rajapaksa or Sarath Fonseka is becoming more and more distant as the Presidential election draws nearer. This has greatly benefited Mahinda Rajapaksa and Sarath Fonseka as they could play safer electoral politics in the Sinhalese South without dealing with […]

Guidance on Star Gazing: Government to set up Advisory Council for Astrologers?

Colombo, Sri Lanka - A special Advisory Council for Astrologers is to be established in the lead up to presidential elections to ensure “consistency” in astrological forecasts, claims a source from the Ministry of Indigenous Sciences speaking exclusively to Banyan News Reporters. The Ministry is expected to put forward a cabinet paper in the first week […]

A bitter feud and an ugly media spectacle in the lead up to Presidential elections

This presidential election is unlike any other.  There are no manifestos published yet to augment a healthy political debate and policies do not appear to concern the two main candidates. At this moment, the citizenry would have preferred to hear from the chief contenders their formulae for nation building post war. Yet, what we find […]


[Editors note: This article responds to Dayan Jayatilleka’s article An Allergy To Self-Criticism In Dominant Tamil Discourse.] I have read with considerable interest Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke’s recent critiques of the post-war strategic and normative dynamics of Tamil nationalism in terms of their limits and challenges. The most recent of these interventions are the piece on […]