Since its launch in 2006, Groundviews has consistently set the bar for the design and functionality of news websites in Sri Lanka. After launching the country’s first iOS news app as far back as 2011, we decided to embrace what at the time were emerging web standards to render sites readable across any screen resolution and device. Called responsive websites, we launched our first version in 2013.

Though we have been testing it live for around 3 weeks, we are pleased to formally launch the latest redesign of Groundviews today, along with our new logo.

The new site is features a cleaner typeface that makes content more readable on the desktop and mobile, at any size.

Access to the site archives is simplified, and the whole site’s navigation was completely overhauled to make the most important and up-to-date content easier to access.

Groundviews is now optimised to load faster on all devices. Content loads progressively, and you can generally start reading any article about a second after clicking on it. We are working on further optimisations to make the site content load instantaneously on social media platforms, and will keep you posted on developments.

Popular content is shown clearly, as are recent comments. Social media sharing is clearly indicated and easily accessed across the site.

Our comments engine, Disqus, and content guidelines (unique in Sri Lanka) work together to ensure conversations on the site remain topical and respectful, with trolls held at bay, no small feat in an age where online media across the world is struggling to maintain civility in reader response fora.

Most importantly, our search functionality was completely overhauled. Search is now centre and forward on the site for enhanced content discoverability. Advanced boolean search operators (-, +, ” “) can now be used with search terms to easily focus on the content you are looking for. There’s also a completely re-designed index page for authors, where you can find all the content submitted by an author very easily.

As ever, form follows content. Groundviews, ten years after it was established, continues to publish some of the most engaging content coming from Sri Lanka from a range of authors, including in-house investigative journalism featuring compelling visualisations and cutting-edge story-telling technologies.

We hope you enjoy the enhancements to the site, and look forward to another ten years of loyal readership and engagement.