Picture courtesy Tamil Guardian

The soft copy of the Report from the Presidential Commission of Inquiry Into Complaints of Abductions And Disappearances chaired by Maxwell Paranagama is now available online. 

“The Darusman Report… found credible allegations comprising five core categories of potential serious violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law committed by the SLA, including large-scale and widespread shelling causing civilian deaths, and attacks on hospitals,” an excerpt from the executive summary reads.

Among the major points of contention are the estimate of up to 40,000 civilian deaths in the final phase of conflict, the exemption of the LTTE from the international crime of using human shields, the failure to take into account the true impact of hostage taking, forced recruitment and the use of human shields on the international humanitarian law principles of distinction and proportionality, and the emphasis on prosecutions as an essential aspect of any transitional justice process.


  • Jayalath

    It should be thankful to this site for publicising the report of Paranagama . And same time I would glad to hear from the various group of sympathisers who advocates for the sentiment of separatism on directly or indirectly that how many barbaric terrorists seems to be perished by waging a war against legitimate army of Sri Lanka . In other word, I would like to ask from the people how many barbaric separatist terrorists were murdered by confronting army on the last bastion of war .
    Because I cannot hear any one speak about the brutality of the LTTE .instead we hear today like that army has wrongly murdered innocent terrorists . This is the biggest joke of the century