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The recent gang rape  and murder of a school girl in Jaffna has, within the few days, triggered many public reports in newspapers and elsewhere, raised many issues including the Code of Professional Practice for journalism; national reconciliation; the death penalty; public demonstrations in Jaffna and Colombo; judicial reforms in relation to such atrocities; brought together people of diverse ethnicity and social backgrounds; a visit by the President Sirisena to Jaffna and a meeting of the President together with Justice Wignaswaran, Chief Minister of the North and Deputy Minister Vijayakala Maheshwaran to the family of the victim.

The concern is not only with this case but also with numerous others, many of which are covered up in collusion between the perpetrators and the authorities and, sometimes, the concerned family. Happily, President Sirisena has promised that full justice will be done in this case through a special court that will also hear other cases of this kind to ensure maximum punishment for the perpetrators as quickly as possible. The legal, social and political implications arising from this case are very positive and most welcome, though all of this will not compensate the family of the victim for their terrible loss.

It is sad that though the impact of this case is exceptional, such cases are not only as common in this country as in many other parts of the world, but are also treated less seriously than appropriate. The reforms mentioned by the President are most welcome, but much more needs to be done to make our streets, schools, workplaces, other institutions and even our homes and neighbourhoods more secure for children and women. This should surely be high up on any reform agenda.

  • Jayalath

    It is extremely outrageous to abuse this incident to gain personal political aspirations which was vividly seen on SATANA political program which was telecasted last week . It further indicated that what a wobbling nation we are .
    We all could have various ideas and opinions regarding to the rape of this girl and many more happened even in the past ,but it is not fair or acceptable to accuse and charge previous regime and its associates for what the present day evils are doing in our society , according to this case that has given a big noise within the medians ,and I think it is not course of overflowing sympathy for the victim ,instead it has become a propaganda to certain people to attack to certain political rivals in this hour which was indicated in this program .just imagine , the rapes and murders are occurring even in the wealthy western countries although those countries named top democratic countries ,unfortunately to the height of inferiority of some politicians who tries to turn the situation into wrong direction .
    Rosy Senanayake and deputy minister Vijayakala made a huge efforts to score political benefits out of this rape case . But Rosy has forgotten about the past that how many university girls were arrested to question and finally brutally raped and murdered during the 89,90. She speaks about crimes today like she has born yesterday. Which is ridiculous and extremely shameful .
    Deputy minister . Mrs ,Vijayakala also tried to concede that under Ltte was far better than army ,particularly under Ltte was far better than under Rajapaksa . What does her comment teach us ? .however ,I only can see that many people of our society have been trying to distort the reality and authentic truth on the post war with secret agendas ,so If things carried away on such base and falsehood grounds that peace of country we expected and the unity will go to the dog very soon

    • POSTED ON BEHALF OF THE AUTHOR: My comments were based on a particular tragedy and the responses of the President, the Chief Minister and the Deputy Minister to visit the victim’s family, as well as the reforms announced by the President. These are admirable. If those concerned derived political benefits from acting correctly, so much the better. So far the responses have been mostly positive in respect of sensitizing the nation and interethnic unity. Do you expect anyone to say that this atrocity is OK because there have been many atrocities here and elsewhere in the past? If so, we should stop punishing rapists, murderers and other criminals.

      • Jayalath

        I have not emphasised to say ok for the rapists or those who committing crimes as such on my forum . But i said this incident is used by some bankrupt politicians to gain a political advantages which is horrendous and , I expect you to watch that SATANA program before come to me . Where you will get my point And criticism ,but i certainly did not concern how Sirisena response or the chief minister concerned over the issue , nevertheless I understand your post is base on those two puppets concerned , honestly not me . I can see that You have stressed to bring some valid arguments and concerns to the issue in the society which I appreciate . But why don’t you have proper concern about people who misuse the such matters . Which I see in your site very seriously . The media mean there should have some kind of balance that could cover every perception .,mostly I see that is lack in your site . I meant you guys are well inclined to some one or some where

  • puniselva

    ”Much more needs to be done to make our streets, schools, workplaces, other institutions and even our homes and neighbourhoods more secure for children and women”.

    We need a SYSTEMIC change.

    The way most legal cases get dragged on is unacceptable and must be tackled urgently. The snail speed at which legal cases of crimes against women and children is simply a crime in itself.

    • You are quite right. I wish that we Sri Lankans begin to react as promptly and effectively to every atrocity.