On the 23rd April, President Sirisena completed a 100 days in office. On a site – one of many – that has monitored the implementation of the 100-days programme, 10 out of 25 promises are indicated to have been fulfilled. This week Groundviews wandered around in Colombo talking to its citizens in an attempt to find out what the public opinion is; are people satisfied with the new government?

Have the last three months had an impact on the lives of the Sri Lankan citizens and what are their prospects for the future? The opinions are diverse; some see change and have experience improvements in their lives, and some don’t. Some support the new government and some still support Mahinda Rajapaksa. A view that was consistent was the focus on the lowering of living costs and the raise of salaries. People are demanding their basic needs to be covered.

Other goals in the 100-days programme such as the introduction of the 19th Amendment and the Right to Information Act seems abstract to most of the citizens. Many did not know of them, others felt they were unimportant as long as the cost of living and the salaries did not improve. Furthermore, most of the interviewed citizens were either slightly or gravely disappointed with the new government, because they hadn’t kept their promises. On the other hand, several emphasised that 100 days is not enough to judge a new government and that they need more time to bring about change.

Produced by Ingeborg Lohfert Haslund-Vinding, a Danish journalist currently in Sri Lanka reporting for and working with Groundviews, access the new photo story here.

  • Sam Thambipillai

    President Sirisens has rightly said to “Hindu”newspaper, that private land used by the armed forces in the conflict should be returned to the owners in the NJorth-East. Such talk was there for quite some time. Is it a cheap talk again or will concrete action be taken immediately? The war was over six years ago.

    The problem is, the Sinhala nation has lost its spirituality and humanity. They are overtaken by anti Tamilism or racism. That problem should first be addressed.

  • Kailas Pillai

    The new government has made a breakthrough – people feel the effort by the government to restore law and order. The culture of impunity has declined noticeably. Media no longer worry about white vans. These outweigh the failure to meet the 100-day-promise

  • Jayalath

    I have been watching and listening to all kind of political debates and programs has been held since after the presidential election of jan , including the news that brought by all channels in Sri Lanka . After all I only can say today that Im seriously tormented and exhausted .
    What is the 100 days of pledge looks like for all Sri Lankan in general ? Has there any thing significantly achieved as it pledged prior to the election or have there any impact in the society .
    I suppose there isn’t much gained than much lost . It is noticeably revealed on his 100 days speech. He outrageously tried to concede that Rajapaksa’s era as entirely shambolic and corrupted which is absolutely disgusting . Sirisena would never earn respect like M.D.H . Jayawardana or Gamini Jayasuriya whom were politically quitted at that time against the arbitrary behaviour of JR after established a dictatorial constitution.
    However the appointment of central bank governor’s and aftermath the loss of billions to country over the issue of bond is significant indicated as the failures of the regime ,and the promises made to maintain the ministries not above the 25 was another big blow within the pledges ,but Sirisena evaded to speak a word about it on his historical 100dsys speech .
    However ,what is now , the reforms of constitution is an another disaster .i only can see that he thrust the country into chaos by politically and economically .he has failed to maintain the Cold War between pro- Rajspsksa and Ranil . Also between pro.Rajapaksa and pro ,Sirisena groups ,apart from that the latest turmoil over the electoral reforms , those small parties like Jvp and Muslim congress are thoroughly opposed to electoral reform plan ,and Anura kumara charged that the SLFP electoral reforms are merely proposed of eradicating the small parties at the next poll .
    So , looking into other matters like media that he comments over the media and precautionary warned .and he vowed about the behaviour of some media institutions today not to use them in wrong manner .it is not impossible to imagine what would come next .
    He further expressed about the reiteration of foreign policy ,he made a point of not knowing or not understanding due to the lack of knowledge who supported us during the high time of war , who were behind us like our shadow while we need support materially and financially , he has forgotten about all those in 3 months of presidency .
    He said about rebuilding the ties with west and USA , but those who really did not want to see the end of war in Sri Lanka for decades ,yet Sirisena delightfully said ,he made the foreign policy right and accurate , what nonsense it could be to some one who cares about what happened in the post war in Sri Lanka .
    What I feel is that he tries to launch a recovery plan for what he committed to oust Rajapaksa , he will never ever will be pardoned by people of Sri Lanka for the conspiracy that he laid with pro – western mined Chandika and Ranil . It is not a secret today

    • ram2009

      One must concede that the 100 day malarkey has been popularized by Sirisena/RW to the extent that even Cameron, the UK PM has promised to follow suit IF he is re-elected on the 7th of May.

      It is certainly true that innumerable allegations have been made against the previous regime, though we are yet to see the evidence. However, a case against Ravi Karunanayake which was to have been heard on the 29th of January has failed to materialise. ‘In your face corruption’ like the now infamous bond issue which indebted the Sri Lankan population for 30 long years at usurious rates, has also been brushed under the tattered carpet. Would Sri Lanka be ever blessed with incorruptible politicians ?

  • srivanamoth

    For those who were in eternal danger of being abducted and mauled or killed it is, of course, a reprieve. People can therefore breathe easily and taste “freedom” again in the 21 century! The right to life and freedom from arbitrary arrest and killing are, of course, major improvements, naturally. It is far too premature to expect major improvements in living costs and standards when the productive sectors of the economy are yet in a period of transition sans real peace. Same time it is disturbing that old style politics and politicians are yet baying for more trouble making under one guise or another! The so-called 19, 19A or whatever affects politicians but not the ordinary people. No wonder many have commended the reduction of cost of living and such like issues affecting daily lives of people and freedom from violence. It will take many years to put to right the many ills affecting the country. To expect quick fixes is naive in the extreme. Its is so easy to destroy but to rebuild is an elephantine job especially affecting people, ALL people!